7 Ways To Customize Your Kitchen Countertops


Kitchen Countertops

In recent times, people’s preferences have quickly shifted towards a more customizable kitchen renovation. With the massive list of choices available to them in every sphere, customers have now picked up the habit of having things done exactly to their liking.

Although it is still a hard day’s task for many companies to offer this, reputable ones do not shy away. One such company is Caesarstone that provides an exciting range of customizable countertops to look at. So, if you ever feel the need to take a peek into them, visit their website.

However, if you are looking for more relevant information, you have to read this article until the end. In this article, you will learn how to customize your kitchen countertops without going through a huge hassle. So, why keep waiting?

  1. Color

Colors are one of the easiest ways to customize a kitchen countertop. Since you can choose from your favorite range of colors that would suit the look of your kitchen, it makes customization a more accessible experience among all others. What is even more fascinating is that a stain or a custom color can create a personalized countertop. So, you can get your assistance from a world-class manufacturer like Caesarstone to help you create shades to match or complement the wallpaper. But, of course, if you have a stone product, that will work too. So, if you would like to use a tile, you can still create a personalized pattern with the help of basic colored tiles.

  1. Embedded Objects

Most of the time, we settle for the plain kitchen countertops. While that may not be a bad idea, it is wise to customize it if the budget permits. Doing so will only enhance the uniqueness of the kitchen countertop further and become a masterpiece among all other furniture at home. Hence, you could opt for anything like metal flakes, fossils, or even colored glass to use as embedded objects. As soon as the thing has been implanted, the surface can be grounded to unleash beautiful objects that act as ornaments. We promise; you won’t be disappointed when you see the final result.

  1. Special Finishes

Whenever you come across a surface material, you will often notice it offering custom textures. The basic ones are also available in most cases. For example- if people started using stainless steel, the hand-applied custom finishes would be able to carve out some patterns that would stand out for your kitchen countertop. So, for this purpose, stainless steel and copper can work like magic. Concrete and solid surfaces may result in high polish or gloss. You can also expect them to offer satin and matte finishes, respectively.

  1. Edges

Edge treatments can come in both modern and classic forms. If you choose to sculpt an edge with basic round-over square edges, it can help form a sleek look to love. You can also make room for precise styles by adding layered edges. This may be available in the form of bead, cove, wave, and conclave. So, you can pick between these choices as per your preference. We promise; all of them work like magic for your kitchen countertop. If you want a more eccentric touch, you cannot go wrong with wood. It will help offer an unusual edge treatment to present grains.

  1. Backsplashes

A fabricated beadboard-style backsplash will do all the talking if you have a solid surface and want to customize that. Make sure you opt for the full-length backsplash to create an aesthetically pleasing design. The watertight will also help create a unique look like never before. You can additionally set up a bunch of handmade tiles in the backsplash. This will make it a masterpiece in your home. As a result, each guest is sure to return home with an envious face after they see how well it looks in your kitchen.

  1. Inlays

Inlays can come in many different forms. You can have them as simple letterings in concrete, or maybe even deer tracks as well. These inlays can be a part of an excellent design and hold sentimental value as per your preference. Focusing on creating it properly can make your kitchen countertop look like an ace of all. It will also provide a homogenous surface that is not common to behold. Especially for solid surfaces, inlays are carved out using CNC machines that are programmed with specific designs. If you want more precise information, you can ask your renovator to help you out.

  1. Kitchen Countertops That Glow

Have you ever heard of kitchen countertops that instantly light up? Yes, there are such kitchen countertops available to transform your dull kitchen into one of your dreams. So, with the right renovator at hand, you can instantly get your hands on them. Generally, a pocket is carved out in a translucent countertop backsplash. This pocket is then adjusted using rope lighting. So, when you switch it on, it makes the entire countertop glow. It can be especially beneficial for people who work in the kitchen during the night.

What Are The Costs Of Such Customized Kitchen Countertops?

You are less likely to find customized kitchen countertops everywhere. So, if you do end up finding one, you know it is a high-end kitchen. These are typically places where designers and fabricators carve out personalized looks for kitchen designs to make your space a complete standout. If you want to stick to a budget-friendly cost, you may end up paying much less. But generally, the inlay project could run up to nearly $1,200. If you look around for marble backsplashes, you might end up paying $100 per foot. Therefore, you have to be careful and make sure that the costs are aligned with your budget.

The Bottom Line

These are some unique and easy ways to customize a kitchen countertop. So, if you have been wondering how you can do it, all you need to do is scroll through this article time and time again. Also, do not forget to rely on Caesarstone to do the magic with your kitchen countertops. We promise; they won’t disappoint you. So, why keep waiting? Start today!

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