7 Ways to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger


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You may think it is difficult to make a small space in your home look expansive. We have put together 7 easy ways that mean you no longer need to have your small space looking too limited.

  1. Calculate How to Space Furniture

A common misconception is putting furniture and household items against the walls to make the floor space look larger. Instead, try putting your furniture at an angle in different parts of the room, creating a better-looking space with breathing room around the furniture. You’ll be amazed at how this gives the illusion of a bigger room.

  1. Buy and Use Multifunctional Furniture

If you’re looking to minimize the number of items in a space to make it look like you have more room, try to purchase multifunctional furniture. An example would be a coffee table that has internal storage capacity, letting you hide your books, DVDs, and other items that would otherwise clutter the already small space you have

  1. Perhaps try Larger Furniture

At first glance, it may appear illogical to get big furniture to put into a small space, but it may be that multiple pieces of small furniture in a small place make the room look more cramped. So instead, try one larger piece of furniture like a chair that will be the room’s focal point whilst keeping the remaining space orderly.

  1. Colour Coordinate

Sometimes it isn’t easy to engineer more space into an area with plenty of items and furniture that need to remain in the room. However, you can easily give your room a personality makeover by providing structure with color. The reorganized room will look great whilst providing an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Unicolor Coordination

On the other hand, you could paint and collect furniture in different shades of one color. Instead of going for vibrant coordination, stick to greys, whites, and beiges to give a room an expansive illusion.

  1. Use Mirrors

One of the most efficient ways to make your room look bigger is by using a mirror. You can either have a couple wall-to-wall or one that is full-length and creates a focal statement piece, allowing the rest of the room to look bigger.

  1. Keep Your Windows Uncovered

When enjoying interior design, it is easy to feel the need to cover your windows with blinds or curtains that make the room look a certain color or feel a certain way. If you’re looking for the space to look larger, try to leave the windows completely uncovered without the blinds or curtains. Allowing for natural light at all hours of the day will make the room look bigger. If you’re concerned about privacy, then a light white blind might be enough to keep the room looking spacious whilst keeping away nosey people.

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