7 Wedding Venue Decorating Tips And Ideas To Follow


Wedding Venue Decorations

Weddings are very personal. Your decorations, theme, and style should allow you to put your style and taste into action and make your wedding unique and intimate – all about you and your loved one.

These seven decorating tips and ideas will point you in the right direction to create an atmosphere both you and your guests will enjoy and never forget.

  1. Do Your Research

While you can be tempted to jump into your wedding planning with both feet and buy whatever you like or see, this may not be the best idea ever.

Saying your vows in one of the Dunedin Wedding Venues is a bit different than getting married in the garden of your parents’ home, so before starting with your decorations, choose your location first.

In the long run, you will be more satisfied if you really consider what you want to achieve with your decorations and do thorough research. Many online sources may inspire you, so use them wisely.

  1. Set Yourself A Styling Budget

Deciding on how practical the decorations you want to buy are, is one of the ways to stick with your wedding budget. More often than not, you will never use those items again.

Renting your vases, lanterns, and tableware might be a smart thing to do to cut your costs. Instead of buying the decorations, you will use them only once.

  1. Hang The String Lights

Lighting is a key detail on every wedding, as it will accent your venue. For example, if you want a romantic atmosphere, you can consider having string lights hung from the ceilings of your reception space. For an outdoor wedding, think about hanging lights through branches and trees for a whimsical vibe. Together with tea lights, neon signs, or votive candles, string lights can transform your space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

You can rent them from a local vendor or make them with your friends and family to cut your expenses.

To make your wedding ceremony feel like a fairytale, consider hanging paper lanterns throughout the space.

  1. Use Mirrors

Designers use mirrors to add certain effects to the space they are decorating.

Mirrors make every space look larger, adding more depth and sophistication. They don’t only reflect images; they reflect the lights, candles, so use them in all shapes and sizes to add an authentic touch to your wedding decor.

  1. Make It Personal

Find your favorite pictures with your fiancé and use them to decorate your wedding venue. This will make your wedding look unique, and your guests will love looking at your photos.

You can use some of these to decorate your photo wedding invitations, centerpiece, and a wedding cake, or you can add them by the wedding flowers or in the guest book.

A memory lane where the old photos of you and your partner will be displayed is also an excellent idea for decorating your venue.

  1. Creative Backdrops

Your guests will most likely post pictures to social media, so think about having a wedding decoration that can also serve as a beautiful backdrop. Again, find something important to you as a couple. It could be a photo of your first date or your furry friend. It can be a wall of flowers or your guests’ handprints on a giant canvas. These will all come ideally as a decoration, a keepsake, and a backdrop for social media.

  1. Decorate The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often overlooked, but decorating them can change your wedding venue’s entire atmosphere and look and make your guests feel more welcomed.

Think about adding some details that can be both decorative and useful.

The good idea is to add “hospitality baskets” that you can place in the bathroom and fill with items your guests may need during your wedding.

Here are some ideas of what you can put into the baskets:

  • Mints or gum
  • Toothpicks or Floss
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Band-Aid
  • Hair Ties and Pins
  • Perfume or body spray
  • Hand Cream
  • Hair Spray or Gel

You can also consider putting a small sign with a cute note beside the basket or a tray for a more personal touch.

Follow the seven decorating tips above for a delightful and romantic wedding venue.

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  1. Personalizing a wedding venue as much as possible really does sound like it can help you get the most out of your rental. If you don’t have at least a few personal touches to it, it might make it seem like you made the event too corporate, and that’s not good for a wedding. Once I rent out a wedding venue for the event, I’ll make sure this is what I focus on when decorating it.



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