8 Amazing Window Styles To Make Your Home Shine


Window Styles

Windows are key to the beauty and attractiveness of a home. From the inside, their ability to bring in lots of natural light, while not costing you a fortune in energy costs, becomes just as important. To find the right mix of efficiency and style, you need to know what types of window styles are most likely to keep your home trendy and eye-catching. To get you started, here are eight amazing window styles to make your home shine:

  1. Single-Hung Windows

The top half of single-hung windows always remains closed, but the bottom half can open to let in a breeze on a nice summer day. These windows are some of the most commonly installed in apartments and other living spaces but are often used to make homes look classical in their style as well. They are energy-efficient, highly affordable, and have frames that are easy to color to your home’s needs. If you want to mix affordability, style, and flexibility, single-hung windows can be an excellent option. Just make sure you locate the ideal Chicago window replacement contractor to help you get the job done right.

  1. Sliding Windows

The unique way sliding windows open (from side-to-side) makes them look trendy and fancy in many homes. The design of sliding window frames often aims to allow more to be visible as well, which makes them great for homeowners who want to spotlight a beautiful exterior space outside of their homes. Like single-hung windows, sliding windows are often highly affordable to buy and install, which has increased their popularity with homeowners that much further. You can also add some interesting window graphics to help with house aesthetics!

  1. Picture Windows

Picture windows gain their name from the act that they aim to make your view a painting of sorts. Not only do these windows not open, but the fixed piece of glass often has a frame-style design that helps accentuate the beauty of whatever is outside of the window. Homeowners who have an exterior view that’s beautiful enough to become a painting should give heavy consideration to installing a picture window. Doing so will help wow your visitors for the foreseeable future, and even allow you to share the astounding view with people all around the world (if you’re into that).

  1. Architectural Shapes Windows

Many windows stick to the traditional square and rectangle design, but more complex windows known as architectural shapes windows aim to change that. Especially if your home is already a little non-traditional, installing these windows can help accentuate the intensity and style of your house. The variety of shapes, sizes, and features that can come packed into these windows makes them highly versatile. If you’re looking for something truly unique, these windows can be formed to your specifications by a talented window installation company.

  1. Bay Windows

Bay windows gain their name from their unique way of sticking outside of your home’s wall. If you’ve ever wanted a little piece of paradise where you can enjoy a book or catnap bathed in sunlight, bay windows provide the exact solution. The focal point they create from outside of your home makes them beautiful and eye-catching. Especially if put on a brick home, the mixture of styles is sure to make your home look incredibly classy. These windows will light up your life.

  1. Sliding Patio Door Windows

Not all windows hang above the actual ground. Sliding patio doors are a type of window in many designers’ minds, after all. If you want a beautiful, human-size view of the back of your home, and an easy way to get outside to enjoy a bright, shiny day, these are the windows that you’ll need to install in your home. Sliding patio doors are becoming more and more popular over the last few years, so this choice will also help boost the trendiness of your home’s design significantly. Homeowners who appreciate maintaining and beautifying their homes will love this choice.

  1. Double-Hung Windows

Unlike single-hung windows, double-hung windows give a bit more flexibility in how they open. If you want a simple, nice-looking but easy-to-use window in your home, it’s difficult to do better than double-hung windows. They can be opened from the top or bottom, and the thicker frame allows you to choose a color for the frame that will accentuate the rest of your home’s design beautifully. The cheaper, affordable nature of double-hung windows makes it a popular choice for many homeowners as well.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are a traditionally classy style, but they have often fallen out of style over the last decade. That being said, they are starting to come back in a big way. The windows are made using a single piece of highly-decorative glass and are typically opened using a crank of some sort. There’s a flexibility to the glass and window style that makes them perfect for a wide variety of home types. Additionally, they are sure to keep your home looking beautiful in nearly any setting.

Beautify Your Home’s Windows

With any of these eight choices, you’ll make your home’s windows feel more attractive and dreamy than ever before. The intensity of each window design comes with its unique benefits, so carefully considering your choice is critical to unlocking the full potential of your home’s visual appeal.

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