8 Benefits Of Having A Roof Lantern


Home design is constantly evolving. Nowadays, natural light has become desirable in any home. This is why skylights and large paneled windows are hugely popular home renovation projects. Another gorgeous and functional addition you can add to your home is a roof lantern.

It’s easy to mix up a skylight with a roof lantern, but they’re quite different. Both structures can bring in more natural light to your home, but they diverge in build. A skylight is simply a glass panel installed into the roof, whereas a roof lantern is a glass structure that juts out from the roof.

Roof Lantern

As an architectural element, roof lanterns have been around for a long time throughout the world. They were first developed in the Middle Ages but were mainly used in cathedrals built during the Renaissance. Nowadays, modern roof lanterns have been developed, making them easier to construct and install in homes.

If you’re looking to have a roof lantern installed in your home, and have questions about size, space, or regulation, keep reading to find out more about the benefits of this illuminating renovation.

  1. Healthy Exposure To Natural Light

If you spend a lot of time indoors, it can be difficult to get any natural light. People need to get a certain amount of natural light because it helps their bodies produce vitamin D. This is great for weight loss, healthy muscles, and stronger bones. People are also more active, energized, alert, and productive from regularly accessing natural daylight.

  1. Accents Flat Roofs

Instead of a skylight, which is just aligned flat with the roof, a roof lantern can add more flair to your home. It adds dimension, shape, and an interesting architectural element.

Best of all, roof lanterns come in a range of sizes. You can pick the perfect style and size that best accents and compliments any roof structure.

  1. Makes A Room More Spacious

If you want to make a room appears more spacious, adding a roof lantern is perfect. First of all, bringing in extra light already makes any room look larger. Also, because a roof lantern actually protrudes from your roof, there is added vertical space. Any stuffy room can feel and look completely different from the opulence that a roof lantern brings.

  1. Captures More Light

Compared to other natural light structures, roof lanterns can actually catch more light. This is because it doesn’t rely on a single glass panel. Instead, it has different panels facing in all directions. This allows you to benefit from natural light, no matter what time of day it is.


  1. Eco-Friendly And Cost-Effective Lighting

You can also expect lower electricity bills because natural light is absolutely free. It’s also perfect for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. So, if you plan to convert your home into a green one, installing a roof lantern is a great first step.

  1. Natural Temperature Regulation

You can also expect your electricity bills to lower when you install a roof lantern because you might not need to use HVAC all the time. A roof lantern may help regulate a room’s temperature. It can help you cool down during the summer and warm you up during the winter. Some roof lanterns can be fitted with ventilation if you want more air circulation, too.

  1. Increased Property Value

A roof lantern can boost the value of your property. It’s a desirable addition to any home because of its practical benefits, as well as how gorgeous it looks. The structural framework, glass panels, and brightness give the house a glamorous and sophisticated appeal. Because of this aesthetic addition, you can expect your home’s value to increase.

  1. Beautiful View Of The Sky

Once you get a roof lantern installed, you won’t regret it, especially when you see a gorgeous view of the sky. You can appreciate the clouds, sunshine, and the blue sky without going out during day time. And at night, you’ll have a perfect view of the stars. Best of all, you’ll never miss the best natural light of all, since golden hours during sunsets can completely drench any room splendidly.


Getting a roof lantern is one of the best investments and home improvements you can make. It’s beautiful, economical, and sustainable. This fantastic addition can transform any drab and dull building into an elegant architectural structure.

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