8 Hottest Commercial Interior Design Trends To Follow When Decorating Your Home


Commercial interior design trends aren’t just for offices; they can bring elegance into your home as well. Today, we’ll explore eight of the hottest commercial design trends to incorporate in your residence.

  1. Sustainable Elements

Sustainable Elements

Recycled wood coasters are a great example of sustainable elements you can incorporate into your home.

Companies all over the world are including sustainable elements in their commercial space design. These elements can range from structural features to individual decorative items.

In the case of the latter, commercial interior decor that translates well into the home includes things like:

  • light dimmers
  • recycled plastic coasters
  • wood coasters
  • log-style business cardholders
  • tree bark baskets
  • pine tree art
  • reclaimed wood message boards
  • recycled countertops

Using sustainable commercial interior decor elements like those above will help create a natural aesthetic in your home that outlives any particular trend — although it’s unlikely eco-friendliness is going away anytime soon, anyway.

  1. Go Green – Literally

Go Green - Literally

Modern commercial interior products tend to be cold and inorganic; think of the stainless steel computers and sleek black chairs that adorn most offices.

Lately, commercial design professionals are getting around this by placing plants in crucial spots. Some go as far as to create entire living walls.

In your house, plants in rooms that feel slightly uninviting will likely suffice – but living walls are high if you’re looking to make a statement!

  1. Marble Surfaces

Marble Surfaces

Marble is an undeniably classic material that is popping up all over offices. The material’s versatility extends beyond the obvious (countertops) and into unique applications like islands and shower surfaces.

If you’re feeling genuinely luxurious, you can incorporate entire marble columns in more substantial spaces of your home, as has become popular in commercial design.

  1. Community Spaces

Community Spaces

Companies know that maintaining a positive work environment is key to overall success. As such, one of the hottest commercial interior design trends is the inclusion of dedicated community spaces encouraging employees to eat, work, and play together.

It is a great trend to incorporate into your home if you have a family or host guests frequently.

A key component of this trend is thinking creatively; don’t just mount a TV to a wall, place some sofas around, and call it a day. Instead, try to tailor your community space(s) towards activities that represent your values.

Like sports? Table sports are classic. Or maybe you’re the DIY type? Consider showcasing interactive displays of your work.

  1. Comfortable, Homey Seating

Comfortable, Homey Seating

Most modern commercial space design elements are aimed at making workplaces feel less clinical. One of the ways contemporary designers achieve this is by replacing cold-looking chairs in waiting areas with more inviting chairs — the kind you’d expect to see in a living room.

You can do the same thing. Do you notice that guests frequently hover around your kitchen, chatting with you while you cook? Consider placing a sofa or other inviting seating in an appropriate place.

  1. Creative Branding

The Smart Commercial Design

The smart commercial design doesn’t need to make employees forget where they are. Instead, the best designs incorporate interesting brand elements that simultaneously shape and reflect workers’ attitudes and cultures.

Invicta Commercial General contractor tends to excel at this. Said companies communicate their heritage (and they have lots; read about Canadian construction companies in this piece by Procore) through everything from project pictures to artifacts from job sites.

You can achieve this in several ways. For one, place design elements around your home that pivotal reference moments in your life. If you’re the creative type, you can place artwork (including prototypes) around your house that communicates your story.

You can also take “branding” literally and put family crests on proud display.

  1. Industrial/Rustic Materials

Industrial/Rustic Materials

At the opposite end of the homey, warm aesthetics associated with modern commercial interior decor trends are more industrial choices.

Components like metal shelves and minimal light fixtures can create an interesting juxtaposition in creative spaces, where activities are inherently ‘warm.’

It makes them excellent components to include in your home. These commercial interior products can be found at home decor stores like IKEA.

  1. Splashes Of Color

Splashes Of Color

One of the most popular commercial design elements nowadays is the intentional, bold splash of color. Vibrant hues inspire creativity, which is a highly-prized commodity at the world’s most successful companies.

Bold splashes of color can also have an impact on psychology, which is why smart commercial design professionals choose colors wisely. You should do the same in your home. If you’re going with trendy colors, such as the Pantone Color of the Year, make sure the element containing it can be easily swapped. This will make it easy for you to switch to a more trendy color when the time arises, should you be so inclined.

Final Words

The beauty of these commercial interior design trends is that you can combine them to create a truly unique space. This is imperative if you’re looking to create a space that reflects you; by being trends, these ideas are all common; how you incorporate and implement them is what will set your home apart!

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