8 Most Common Heater Problems


Most Common Heater Problems

None can predict when they will face heater problems, but with enough knowledge, one can avoid the problems before taking the ugly shape.

You don’t need to be an expert to find the problems, as Crossway Mechanical presents you with a few common signs that will help you avoid major repairs. Being one of the best heater repair services in Houston, TX, Crossway Mechanical has elaborated the below-repairing signs that will aid in early repair.

Most Common Heater Problems

  1. Increase In Energy Bills

If you have been noticing your energy bills reach sky-high, without any change in your heater usage, then it is 99% confirmed that your heater has problems. It can be because of many issues that would save you from spending heavy repairing bills if detected at an early stage. No matter how minor the heater problem is, make sure to get help only from the trained technicians. They are trained and experienced, who will not just solve your problems but also give you pro tips on how to proceed and take care of your heater in the future days.

  1. Odd Noises

This is one of the most common signs that clearly signals that your heater requires emergency repair. Noises are not common and must never be ignored. It will also not magically disappear unless you make an effort to repair it. Squeaking and popping noises indicate problems with internal parts or loose connections. These issues are better diagnosed by the experienced professionals of heater repair in Houston, TX. Hence, contact them at the earliest and get it repaired before it leads to other internal problems.

  1. Air Dust

Are you experiencing dusty situations even after thorough cleaning? Or any inmates have suddenly experienced high allergic attacks? Then it can be because of the presence of high dust in the air. When the furnace loses its efficiency to clean, dust makes its way through the furnace vents. If you are experiencing this situation, either clean the filter or replace it. If nothing seems to make a difference, then contact the professionals.

  1. Thermostat Trouble

Other problems that can add to the heaters are the loose wiring, blown fuses, tripped circuit breaker, or ineffective thermostat. The thermostat plays the role of communication of how much heat must be produced and transferred. This is the heater’s basic operation, which if fails, the whole heating system will collapse.

  1. Pooling Water

Water pooling is one of the biggest concerns of the homeowners, which must be attended to as soon as possible. There are many reasons, out of which the most common reason is the clogged condensate line. This issue is better handled and taken care of by the professionals, leaving the job to the experts for better and deep cleaning work.

  1. Aged Heater

If your heater has passed its maximum lifespan, then it is common to experience issues. The heater’s maximum lifespan is 12-15 years, and in some extreme cases, it can go to 15-18 good years. Once the heater reaches its retirement years, it is best to replace it with a newer and advanced unit. Instead of spending high on repairing and replacements, investing in a new unit is the smart option as it will benefit you in the long term.

  1. Weak Air Flow

There are many reasons for weak airflow, and it can range from minor to major problems. It can indicate a minor fan issue or motor and belt complications. Regardless of the severity of the problem, it would be best if you got aid from the HVAC technicians to solve the issue at the earliest.

  1. Gas Smell

If you are smelling gas in your house, then it can be a sign of gas leakage. This is the most dangerous issue, and we must seek professionals help as early as possible. Do not attempt to repair or try to fix the gas issue by yourself or let an amateur do the job. The first thing you must do is evacuate your home and not switch off any switches or appliances. Open the doors and windows wide open and turn off the gas supply valve. Get help from experienced technicians to handle the gas problem.

These are a few of the common repairing problems, which are better handled only by experienced and trained professionals. So trust them and live your days, carefree.

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