8 Outdoor Plants That Also Thrive Indoors


Outdoor Plants

House plants are one of the joys in any home. Not only are they a great way to bring the outdoors indoors, but they are also a way to enhance the decor. There’s even talk that indoor plants help to purify the air and improve your quality of sleep. Whether this is truth or myth, you may be surprised to know that there are a plethora of outdoor plants that thrive indoors as well.

  1. Pothos

Although pothos are one of the more common indoor plants, they’re actually outdoor plants that love to climb trees. These plants do so well indoors that most people only consider them to be house plants. Whether you grow it in water or soil, it does extremely well inside. And you can be sure that when you utilise Australia online nursery, you’re getting high-quality indoor plant babies that are sure to bring the outdoors indoors.

  1. Aloe

This spiky plant that can grow to epic proportions in dry and desert areas is also an excellent indoor plant. When kept inside, it will create pups and even produce a flower on occasion. One of the nice things about having an aloe plant at home is that you can use it to help treat minor burns, cuts and scrapes.

  1. Coleus

In some cultures, coleus plants are grown for eating. But they are also excellent indoor plants that can give your indoor space a nice boost. They have colorful and variegated leaves that are sure to amaze. And they’re pretty easy to please.

  1. Tropical Hibiscus

You can expect to have your hibiscus flower all winter long when you keep it indoors. It thrives in plenty of light, warm temperatures, and humidity, so giving it these two things will give it the boost it needs to thrive inside.

  1. Begonias

The striking foliage of begonia is hard to beat. It comes in so many sizes, shapes, colours, and textures that you’d find it difficult to find a variety that doesn’t fit your decor.

  1. Geranium

If you’ve got south facing windows, geraniums are a great option. They smell similar to roses and will offer plenty of flowers during their peak growing season.

  1. Elephant Ears

Elephant ears or taro are great outdoor plants that do well as indoor plants. Outdoors can support many ears, and indoors you see fewer leaves, but this is no reason not to enjoy them as house plants. If you give your bulbs enough space, you will see plentiful leaves that range in both size and color.

  1. Sweet Potato

Although most ornamental sweet potato plants don’t typically produce the big and tasty tubers, they will give you some deeply lobed leaves and sprawling vines. Surprisingly, the leaves can vary from light green to a deep burgundy, depending on the variety.

There are tons of outdoor plants that thrive indoors. In fact, all plants start as outdoor plants. If you’re interested in sprucing up your home decor and adding some more natural elements that make you smile, house plants are the perfect solution.

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