8 Proven Benefits Of Filtered Water


Benefits Of Filtered Water

A water filtration system gives you clean water in your home all the time. When you take filtered water, you look and feel better, and there are so many other reasons why you need to drink and use filtered water. You can install a water filtration system for the whole house where every tap in your home produces filtered water. You can also install a water filter from a point, say a sink or showerhead, where only that point produces filtered water.

There are many benefits of filtered water. For starters, you can use the water for general uses, including drinking, showering, and cooking. One of the main benefits of drinking filtered water is that it removes toxins from water, so the water is safe for household use.

8 Benefits of Filtered Water

  1. Tastes Better

Fresh Tasting Water

The reason you may not be drinking enough water might be because you do not like the taste or the smell of the water that comes from your taps. When water is filtered, most of the impurities that alter the taste and smell of water are removed, leaving fresh-tasting water. Again, filtration gets rid of chlorine and chlorine by-products, which change the taste of water and are harmful to human health.

  1. Is Cheaper Than Buying Bottled Water

If you buy bottled water, you pay for the packaging, transportation to your home, and the filtration at the water processing plant – which is why it is expensive. Filtering water at home costs you nothing after you install the filtration system. Again, you get to enjoy the benefits of filtered water on hair and food.

  1. Benefits of Filtered Water on Hair and Skin

If you do not filter your water, the chlorine used to treat water, make your hair flat and dull. The moment you remove chlorine, you get all the benefits of filtered water on hair – your hair becomes shinier. Worse yet, the chlorine will make your hair dry. Removal of chlorine from your water makes your hair soft to touch.

Another of the benefits of filtered water is that it makes your skin softer. If you shower with chlorinated water every day, it dries your skin, making it look dull and rough the same way it dries your hair. By removing chlorine from your tap water, you get pure water that is easy on your skin. There are also benefits of using filtered water for food on your skin. An extended period of drinking chlorinated water leaves your skin rough and scaly. After some time, you will need to spend money on expensive lotions to get your skin back to its smooth shape.

When you filter your water at home, you remove the toxins that make your nails weak. Prolonged exposure to water with chlorine and other toxins or drinking water with these toxins will make your nails bleak.

  1. Improved Digestion

Digestion Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Water is essential for all metabolic processes in your body. The digestive system requires a lot of water. With enough water in your system, the digestive system runs efficiently by ensuring sugars and toxins are not over-absorbed in your body, thus promoting and metabolism. To ensure digestion runs efficiently, you need water with no toxins. Consuming green detox will be helpful for digestion. Check out here for a green detox review.

Digestion is just one of the benefits of drinking filtered water. If you do not take clean, fresh water, your body will absorb a lot of sugars and carbohydrates, leading to weight gain. Again, the lack of pure water in your system reduces the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in the food we eat.

One of the benefits of using filtered water for food is that it ensures your brain receives clean water. Because the largest part of your brain is water, clean water helps you reduce nervous system issues such as tension and sinus headaches. If you are dehydrated, which is what you are if you take water with toxins, your concentration, focus, and ability to comprehend small issues will be affected. If you take clean water, you refresh your brain, making it more active.

  1. Better Hydration

Filtered water is free of impurities, which makes it better for drinking. When water, if filtered, is more available for your body’s metabolic processes, which reduces dehydration. The impurities in unfiltered water make it unavailable for your body organs when needed.

  1. Better Dental Health

Better Dental Health by Clean Filtered Water

A water filtration system from American Home Water and Air gets rid of bacteria that might cause dental problems. Again, clean water does not stain your teeth. In the long run, your teeth remain white and healthy.

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  1. Reduces Risk of Diseases Caused by Toxins

There are more than 2,100 toxins available in your tap water – all these toxins are filtered when you use a water filtration system. One of the toxins removed is lead. When these toxins are removed from the water, the benefits of filtered water increase.

Toxins such as chlorine and its by-products are thought to cause cancer and gastrointestinal illnesses. When they are removed from your water, you avoid these illnesses.

  1. Healthier Cooked Meals

There are many benefits of using filtered water for food. For starters, you get healthier meals, free of toxins. When you use clean water, the nutrients in your diet are absorbed the right way.

With clean water in the food you eat, you can detoxify your body systems. Your kidneys need pure water to keep your body free of toxins. If you take unfiltered water, you will overwork your kidneys, and the toxins in the water you use for your food will make your body sick.

Among the benefits of using filtered for food is that it keeps your baby healthy. Unhealthy water with toxins, if used in baby’s food, can cause the baby to have serious health issues such as mental retardation.


With all the benefits of water filtration in your home, you cannot afford to have unfiltered water in your house. Today, water filtration systems are affordable, easy to install, and almost maintenance-free. Whether you want drinking water that tastes better or healthy water, a water filtration system will be worth the initial installation cost. These systems operate for years before you need to replace them.

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