8 Reasons You Should Donate Old Home Furniture This Giving Season


Old Home Furniture

The Giving Season is gradually approaching and presents a perfect time to show some love to others. Many people love to flow with the (giving) trend of this season, which is adjudged to be the period of massive returns for non-profits reaching out to the needy.

But it does not always have to be about money as you can donate other things like those old furniture pieces in your home. Here, we share 8 different reasons you should donate these items to charity this Giving Season.

  1. It Fills An Area Of Need For Another Person

The furniture may be old and less valuable to you, but there is a family that probably can’t even afford it out there. Essentially, your old furniture can become a ‘luxury’ to another person. So, you should consider donating the home furniture this Giving Season rather than leaving it in your backyard or some other place to waste away. You will indeed be putting some smiles on those faces as they give their home a facelift.

  1. Promotes Eco-Friendly Living

When people attempt to dump their old home furniture, they hardly think about the eco-friendly aspect. The truth is that old furniture abandoned somewhere will eventually release some compounds into the environment. These compounds can subsequently pollute the environment, making it less eco-friendly.

Besides, such abandoned furniture can form a prominent part of the landfills that become an environmental eyesore. But you can be more environmentally responsible for building a healthier living space by donating the furniture to people who need it.

  1. Creates A More Calming Space

Well, that old home furniture of yours is probably taking up space unnecessarily. So, you should envisage having more space to yourself as you donate the set to charity. By the way, decluttering your abode ought to be a priority this holiday season to put it in good shape for the new year.

You can look to have your home better ventilated than you’re currently experiencing. Your home will be more welcoming and liveable this Giving Season after you have the old furniture out to charity.

  1. Offers Some Tax Benefits

You don’t have to give out the old furniture just like that when you can derive some tax benefits from the act. For instance, it can be written off on your income tax, meaning you will have something to save on the tax bill.

However, you will need to ensure that the donation is made to a government-recognized charity organization.

You should demand proof of payment from the charity organization, as you might need to provide this along with your tax papers. Be mindful that it is only with a proper tax record that you can lay claim to the tax benefits that accrue from donating your furniture pieces.

  1. Easy Disposal

Deciding to dispose of your old furniture directly would mean you have to embark on some tedious undertaking. Such undertaking may encompass engaging the services of the disposal vehicle or agency and all – which may cost you some money.

However, all these will be out of the way if you decide to donate your old home furniture to charity.

You just have to contact the charity organization to come and pick up the furniture. With this, you won’t have to spend extra or do any strenuous activity trying to get rid of your old furniture.

The charity organization will have everything taken care of. Ultimately, you will get to save cost and energy by calling in the charity organization to come and pick up the furniture.

  1. Encourages Recycling

To you, the furniture pieces may have reached their end, but others might find value in them. For one, the pieces can be remodeled into something else to serve good purposes for many more years. The charity organization you’ll be giving to could find a way to turn the furniture around creatively.

And as a result, the furniture pieces are recycled and reused. Therefore, instead of disposing of that old furniture set, you should reach out to the charity around your locale.

  1. A Way Of Paying It Forward

Anyone who has received furniture pieces as a gift may find it awkward to sell them off as they get old. As such, giving such furniture out to charity can be a way of paying it forward. The circle of generosity becomes sustained this way as you get to relate to the needs of others.

  1. A Message To Your Kids

Kids learn from what they see and watch others do. And if you’ve got kids, donating old furniture could be a way of making them learn how to let things go and help others. This will help your kids to be more selfless as they grow.

Just Before You Donate

It is nice to know that you are interested in donating your old home furniture to charity. But you need to put certain things into perspective before giving the pieces out. Firstly, it’s essential that the furniture is in good condition; you should make it presentable.

To this end, you should consider cleaning them thoroughly before calling in the charity organization. Also, check to see the minor flaws present on them and carry out the necessary repairs.

If anything at all, you should avoid donating badly damaged furniture pieces. That said, it is appropriate to find out the furniture items the charity organization you’re looking at normally accepts.

Plus, you should also know the standard/quality level they set – yes, charity organizations don’t just take everything thrown at them. You can take a picture of the furniture and send it to the charity organization to review.


‘Old’ should not be seen in the same light as ‘unusable,’ and this should apply to those furniture pieces you’ve had for some time. You should look out for the charity organization or needy ones that may need them. This Giving Season doesn’t have to go without you extending graciousness to others when you’ve got those old furniture pieces in the home.

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