8 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Air Ducts



How should you know when it’s time to replace air ducts? Unfortunately, it is not so obvious to figure out if something is wrong with the ducts, and most people tend to consider other parts of an HVAC system more critical. But ducts are likewise crucial for the proper functioning of the entire system. Read more here.

This article explains all the signs you should look for that tell you when to replace air ducts.

Signs Of Bad Ductwork

Even without a professional coming to your house to inspect the ductwork, you can still figure out something wrong by specific clues.

Here are the most critical signs of inadequate ductwork:

  1. Noises In The HVAC System

While an HVAC unit will make some noises when working, the sounds should not be too loud or unusual. Indeed, you are accustomed to the usual sound of your air conditioning or heating system.

If you hear something different or see that the ductwork is vibrating more than usual, it is a sign of a problem. In general, it is possible that the connections between the ducts became loose or got damaged.

If that happens, hair will get through it, and you could hear a whistling sound. You could hear similar noises if there were other holes in other ductwork parts. However, debris in the duct can also generate noises when air is passing.

  1. High Utility Bills

The culprit can be the air duct if you experience high utility bills in winter and summer. While some air is always going to get out of the duct system, the presence of holes and ductwork poorly sized is responsible for a decrease in the system’s overall efficiency.

HVAC units have to work more to cool or warm the environment because part of the air is getting lost on the way. The result is that you will consume a lot more energy, reflecting on your utility bills.

  1. The Difference In Temperature In The House

If you experience a big difference in temperature in your house, meaning one room is cold and the other one is hot, or vice versa, it is possible that the ductwork is not sending air to a part of your home.

This is again a leak, and to create such a temperature difference, it should have considerable dimensions. Due to the leak, the air will escape the ductwork and never manage to reach a room to cool it or warm it.

  1. Poor Air Quality

Air quality is another big clue of the state of the air ducts. If your house is smelly, stuffy, and dusty, the ductwork can be the reason for it. Dirt, dust, and debris can be inside the ducts and will be transported inside your home.

Even if you open the windows to let fresh air in, the dust will keep circulating in your home when they are closed again.

To prevent it from happening, it is necessary to do an annual cleaning of the ductwork. Unfortunately, complete cleaning of the ductwork cannot be done without the help of a professional.

If the ductwork is old, leaks and holes can open the road to mold and dirt. In most cases, it is enough to seal the leaks. However, if the ducts are too old, they will need to be replaced.

  1. Mold In The House

The presence of mold in the house can be a clue to a problem with the ductwork. This can happen only with improper sealing or because holes are present in the duct. In other words, the ductwork is damaged.

You can sense the presence of mold even if it is not visible because mold can create problems for the respiratory system. If you or your family develop an allergy, keep sneezing, or have other symptoms of a respiratory problem, this can be why.

In addition, if mold moves inside the house, it can create many problems for furniture.

  1. Pest Infections

Another sign that your air duct needs to be replaced is the presence of pest infestations. Holes and leaks in the ducts allow bugs and other insects to enter and proliferate. Since you can’t reach inside the ducts, bugs can continue to create colonies.

Pests can create many problems such as lack of hygiene, infections, bad smells, and noises. Therefore, it is necessary to call a professional.

  1. Old Ductwork

Time and normal wear will downgrade the ducts; they have to be replaced after a while. If your house is old, it is possible that the ducts are not in good shape. After a time, ducts have to be replaced with new and better materials.

Keep using old ducts can be problematic for the health of the people living in the house and can waste a lot of energy. Although it is expensive to replace ducts, it will be more convenient than facing all the consequences of keeping old ducts in place for a more extended period.

  1. Tangled Ducts

If ducts tangle, the HVAC system efficiency will decrease a lot. If that is the case, your energy bill will increase significantly. Various reasons can create tangled ducts, in general, because something heavy has fallen on them.

This problem can restrict airflow and be responsible for leaks and holes. You should inspect the ducts and replace them if you find them tangled or damaged.


Damaged ducts are a source of many problems and why your system is inefficient. It is also costly and can generate health problems for those living in the house. Sometimes it is challenging to recognize the signs of lousy ductwork, but the points listed here should give you a good idea of what to expect.

When ducts are in such a bad condition that they need to be replaced, you should ask a professional for help. To know more contact us.

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