8 Small-Space Spots You’re Forgetting to Decorate


You often go all out in decorating different parts of your home. Your main objective is to maximise available spaces as much as possible and leave no blank areas. What we don’t know is that we also forget to notice small spaces between walls or furniture and they could look boring over time.

If ever you’re asking how you can design these free parts without overcrowding your home, read on for tips!

  1. Under The Stairs

Staircase Decoration

If you have a staircase at home, you would have wondered how you’re going to fill that potential space. Place a curved sofa on the corner, preferably one with eye-catching embellishments. Add multi-coloured pillows and a glass centre table, as well as a medium-sized painting to complete the look.

  1. Foot Of Your Bed

Bedroom Decor Ideas

You could convert your bed’s edge into something useful by placing a small desk which could serve as a mini-office. Just remember to keep it free of objects that can be kicked off of it when you’re sleeping. You could also put an upholstered backless chair instead of a desk or perhaps a wooden ‘treasure chest’ where you can store belongings.

  1. Front Of Bookshelves

Bookshelves Designs

For a more comfortable reading experience, you may put plush couches and chairs right in front of the shelves, all while seeing to it that you leave enough space for walking. You could also place a ladder if you have shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling, or book trolleys that can be used for multiple book selections.

  1. Entryway

Entryway Design

Decorate blank wall spaces in an entryway by hanging paintings or photo frames. You can also mount an intricately-detailed vanity mirror or install cup lights for equal lighting. Push a high slim rectangular table against the wall, preferably one that matches its colour. Put a vase on top of it or any other furniture that you fancy.

  1. Front Of A Window

Front Window Design Of Homes

Claim your territory when reading or meditating by placing a chair or a small comfortable couch in front of your window. Give it a relaxing look by adding greenery or flowers on the windowpane; be creative and use colourful mugs instead of pots. If there are no panes, hang sheer curtains.

  1. Hallway

Hallway Design Ideas

You can make your hallway look more spacious by using narrow furniture in solid colours. It depends on your choice whether you want a minimalistic or printed design, but the key objective is to keep a clean and well-spaced look for your hallway. Put strategic furnishings like medium-sized chairs or tables, or antique paintings on the walls. If you want a more classic design, you may opt to cover the corridor with a carpet and pick a chandelier that would complement its theme.

  1. Above Cabinets

Above Cabinets Ideas

This applies to all hanging cabinets in your home. Start by dusting off the dust from the surface and cleaning the surrounding wall since these parts are not cleaned frequently. Put vases, fine china or other collection that you wish to put on display on top of the cabinets. Arrange them by size, colour or any way you want it.

  1. Front Panels Of Doors

Door Panel Decoration

Doors are the first ones to be seen before entering a room, so it’s essential that you also play them up a little. You can hang wind chimes, dream catchers or anything that can amplify your door’s appearance. For bedroom doors, you can put decorative stickers. If you want a more sophisticated look, ask a handyman to cut out a portion of your door and fill the space with a stained-glass window with the pattern of your choice.

Setting Up Special Spaces

Don’t ignore small spaces because they can turn out to be highlights of your home! Sometimes all you have to do is rearrange furniture so it will be evenly distributed around your house. Remember to keep everything balanced so the designing plans would turn out good. Better look around you now, you might find a space worth decorating!

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  1. Hi there. Decorating my hallway and I really like the curtains featured in point 7. Can you tell me where I can get them?

  2. Thank you for this blog.They are providing 8 small spots your forgetting to decorate.these are given blow :Under the stairs, Front of your bed,Front of book shelves,Enter way, Front of the window, Hallway, Above cabinets,Front panels of doors.Don’t ignore small spaces because they can turn out to be highlights of your home! Sometimes all you have to do is rearrange furniture so it will be evenly distributed around your house.


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