8 Smart Ways Builders Work Smarter Not Harder In 2021


With the introduction of the latest construction technology in 2020, there is no reason why any builder should be overwhelmed on site. Now, there is a range of ways you can continue to boost profit and make your workload easier to manage.

With many new apps, tools, and tech, below is a list of the eight smart and best ways for every savvy builder to work smarter, not harder, in 2021.

  1. Get A Hi-Tech Toolbox

Hi-Tech Toolbox

A hi-tech Toolbox is the epitome of the organization for every builder. A world away from the standard toolbox, most hi-tech boxes will have LED lights so you can see what you need in dark lighting. Some will come with wheels, so you will not need to drag it around. Also, some toolboxes come with USB charging ports so you can charge tools or your phone. The fanciest options will come with a Bluetooth speaker built-in.

Since this technology is set to grow in the coming year, there is a lot to be said for a good toolbox. Currently, for a start-up business, the Hi-tech Toolbox is set to change the game when it comes to maneuverability and your everyday builder organization.

  1. Use Smart PPE

Smart PPE

The latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) comes with built-in thermal technology to help when builders are working in adverse weather conditions. Professionals can now buy PPE that monitors health data while workers are on-site and track their location. Other options integrate sensors to monitor gas and harmful chemicals around the surroundings, detecting when conditions are unsafe and alerting the wearer of the PPE to the danger.

Hi-tech work boots have also been introduced in 2020. The next generation of footwear offers the latest in comfort. Through GPS chips, one can track movement throughout the day, allowing managers to track site productivity.

  1. Advertise With Fence Mesh

Fence Mesh

Builders are often surprised with mesh fence signs prices and the longevity of the materials. FenceWrap can have a huge impact on productivity onsite and offers valuable opportunities to market your company.

Using perforated signs instead of heavy PVC to help prevent the spread of dust can also make life easier for your workforce. This means that there won’t be any stopping or time wasting in high winds because fences are falling over. Thus, using mesh signs can make the site safer.

Furthermore, the general public will appreciate it when the fence mesh stops dust and debris from escaping into urban areas.

Fence mesh is affordable and easy to put up and take down, which means it can be moved between sites in a hassle-free manner. Thus, it’s a worthy investment and a simple way to work smarter, not harder.

  1. Get A Screw Wristband

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic wristbands are a great tool for the most experienced builder or even a DIY enthusiast. You never need to lose a screw again and won’t be scrambling in your toolbox for hours to look for one.

Something as simple as a screw wristband can increase productivity and cut down on the stress of a builder’s busy day, helping contractors work smarter, not harder.

Connect small nuts and bolts to your magnetic wristband, so they are easier to see, reach, and handle. Indeed, it’s a simple tool but a useful addition to any builder’s equipment.

  1. Discover Augmented Reality Tools

Augmented Reality Tools

AR Tools are the latest in innovation when it comes to onsite productivity and streamlining the progress of every project. Tools like AR Glasses do planning, measuring, visibility, and safety much easier; large projects in obscure places become easier to navigate using AR technology.

Training staff on new machinery becomes much easier as AR gives builders the luxury to see their outcome and get an idea of the work involved before it starts. Also, AR innovation’s beauty is that it reduces the chances of having to rework a project when it has already begun, saving builders time and money.

  1. Adopt Business Information Modelling (BIM)

Business Information Modelling allows you to create a 3D model of your project and help with engineering, planning, and design. The visualizations will help clients understand the building’s structure before construction and can be used to generate structural plans and the required documentation.

Builders will hugely benefit from this technology as it allows them to work efficiently in a safer, controlled environment. Although BIM will initially disrupt the construction industry, it will continue to grow for years to come and, ultimately, immensely benefit the industry.

  1. Track Progress With A Drone


Drones are fantastic equipment for monitoring and tracking progress as it’ll give you a bird’s eye view of your Jobsite, which allows you to collect data quicker than ever. Drones are the perfect way to monitor your site’s safety procedures and keep an eye on workers to avoid accidents.

Drones can also give you access to more difficult sites to survey on foot and are more efficient than walking around a large development project, allowing managers to be updated with any activity on the site.

  1. Embrace Automation

Embrace Automation

Builders who embrace automation are making strides in the industry and eclipsing competition. Although the suggestion of using robots to replace humans seems like a daunting idea, using technology to speed up processes and take over mundane, time-consuming labor tasks is a great move for any savvy tradesman. Embracing automation can also help with your budget and your project schedule since it’ll decrease delays and have the ability to make changes at the last minute.

Working smarter and not harder by embracing the new industrial-technological age is an overwhelming prospect. Still, many companies are already making the most of the tools, apps, and smart technology available to boost profit and build brand awareness. To stay prevalent in the building industry in 2021, companies need to recognize that a little disruption, to begin with, is a necessary evil to reap the benefits. Job satisfaction for employees can be the driving force behind progress. By taking small steps and integrating the above factors, you may have an opportunity to make your on-site employees safer, comfortable, less stressed, and more productive.

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