8 Steps To Closing Your First Deal As A Real Estate Agent


8 Steps to Closing Your First Deal as a Real Estate Agent

Do you dream about closing deals, meeting new people, and making money as a real estate agent? It can seem like a long journey from where you are now to becoming a successful real estate agent, but compared to other career options, real estate is one of the most readily accessible.

From real estate license courses to closing your first deal, your trajectory is clear. However, it’s going to take self-motivation and discipline to get from Point A to Point B. Before you start the process, these are the eight steps you need to take to get from where you are today to your first real estate deal.

  1. Take Real Estate License Courses Online

Real Estate License Courses

Real estate license courses are affordable and accessible to take online. Real estate license schools like RealEstateU provide flexible, high-quality courses that will prepare you to take your state real estate license exam.

  1. Find A Broker

Real Estate Broker

Once you pass your course exams, it’s time to find a broker. A real estate broker holds your license and takes a split of your commission to exchange valuable resources like sales training, continuing education, and office space. Talk to your real estate license school for professional advice for becoming a realtor and the process of finding a broker.

  1. Pass the State Real Estate License Exam

State Real Estate License Exam

Once you have a broker, you can apply to take the real estate license exam in your state. Once you pass, you’re an official, practicing real estate agent. Resources such as a real estate license textbook (or the PDF offered by RealEstateU) are invaluable resources for studying for your state exam.

  1. Launch Your Business

Real Estate Business

You need a workspace, whether it’s an office or a desk at home, and you need a website. Get started with a DIY realtor website or set some money aside to get help from expert website builders. Your website will be the foundation of your online marketing campaign. Here you will require a digital marketing expert’s help. The inbound closer will guide you and help you to get the best traffic and ranking.

  1. Find Clients

Real Estate Clients

Now you need clients. Leverage every opportunity you have to generate leads from face-to-face meetings to social media marketing. If you work in shared office space, offer to babysit open houses to meet potential clients in the market for a home (and a realtor).

  1. Make It Work

Real Estate Work

Between finding your first clients and making your first sale, there will be a lot of work. You need to pay the bills somehow. Either save some money to get you through to your first sale or take on the action in real estate, such as working as a real estate appraiser, property management, or as an agent for rental properties. Now is a great time to broaden your horizons and skillsets.

  1. Showing Properties

Showing Properties

Whether you’re working in residential, commercial, or rentals, a big part of a real estate agent’s job is showing properties, either on behalf of the seller or the buyer. That means running open houses on Saturday or showing houses in the evening. It can be a grind, but it’s what pays off with a commission cheque.

  1. Close The Deal

Close the Real Estate Deal

Your clients have made an offer or received one they finally like, and they’re ready to close the deal. You help them with the paperwork and finalize everything. This is what real estate courses from schools like RealEstateU prepare you for. Finally, you’ve closed your first sale, and you get paid.

Life as a real estate agent can be busy, and you’ll be juggling many balls at once, but it’s a financially rewarding career that gives you a lot of independence.

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