8 Things People Forget But Should Not While Building A House


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If you are a first time home builder, you may find many occasions when you might second-guess yourself. It will be a whole new experience that can sometimes have you feeling overwhelmed. Building a house is no easy task, and there are so many details that you may need to think about what it could be elementary to forget some of the less obvious but essential jobs that need to be done.

Still, it is essential to have a good solid plan before you start so you can make intelligent decisions throughout the process. There will always be a few mistakes to be made along the way, but you can avoid many problems if you remember to keep these essential points in mind.

  1. Planning For Extra Electrical Outlets

Today’s homes need a lot more electrical outlets than before. We have so many electrical gadgets, devices, and appliances that are having extra outlets installed will be a decision you won’t regret. Think about adding outlets in the bedroom, around the entertainment centre, in the bathroom, and even outdoors. It will make your home more functional.

  1. Securing The Sub-Floor

If you’re planning on adding a second story, insist on nail screws to ensure the sub-floor. This will prevent movement, which while slight, over time can cause the floors to creak. By making sure that they use the right type of screws, you can save loads on repairs years later.

  1. An Irrigation System

Equipping your home with a sound irrigation system may not be on your mind during the building project, but you will be glad you thought of it. It will prevent the need and expense of digging up your lawn later and ensure that your home has that all urgent curb appeal. Your landscape will be green and lush, and it will save you on time and extra work later on.

  1. Insulating The Garage

You may not think that the garage needs insulation or heating, but if your new home is going to be in a cold climate, it can make a huge difference. A heated garage ensures that any pipes running through will not freeze up in the winter and makes the space comfortable if you ever have to do any work there; not to mention how much better it will be for your car if you do.

  1. Cataloguing Materials

Always ask your building for extra tiles, carpet, grout, brick, paint, etc. Make sure you store these in a safe place and catalogue them so that you know the exact manufacturer and use for each. In the future, if you need to replace any of these materials or repair them, you can refer to the manufacturer and get an exact match.

  1. Extra Storage

Having an adequate amount of storage space is a practical way to keep your home tidy. Plan for more storage areas than you need. Even if you can’t think of a use for it, it is only a matter of time before it will get used. Never think of what you need at the moment, you will always need more.

  1. Feature Lighting

According to this new guide from Novus Homes, lighting is not just needed for illumination anymore. It can also serve as a useful security measure. Having adequate lighting both inside and outside of your home can help not only to create the right environment but can be a deterrent for criminals who may want to break in. Consider recessed lighting, dimmer switches, motion detectors, etc.

  1. Shelf Depth

Having deeper shelves will increase storage space without disrupting the aesthetics of the room. Adding them in your pantry and closets will be appreciated by your entire family as they will all appreciate the practicality of having the extra space.

There will always be thousands of small decisions that need to be made when building a house, but keeping these practical suggestions in mind can be the difference in having a place to live and having a home that you can live in.


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