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You don’t always have to go somewhere away from home to freshen up your mind and feel good. Maybe it’s time to change your home décor to feel satisfied inside those familiar walls. The calming and revitalizing powers of spruced-up home décor cannot ever be underestimated.

Although it is essential that at some point, you must change the way your home looks, but sometimes it’s just not as straightforward as it sounds.

Several things can come in the way of your desire to renovate your place. One of them is your finances. Not everybody can afford to change the entire décor of their home just like that.

But fret not! We have just the best and cheapest tips for you to spruce up your humble abode on a budget.

Let’s dive right in

  1. Make Your Own Statement Wall!

Wall Decor

You may not be an artist or an interior decorator. But trust me, you don’t necessarily have to be one to decorate your walls.

Here’s an idea: clear up a wall in one of your favourite rooms at your place and declutter the space in front of it. Now you have a whole canvas to spill your inner artistry. You can decorate your memorable photos on canvas there. It could also be just one giant photo. There is a wide range of canvas print options that you can opt from. You can even choose stock images and have them printed on canvas.

Once you have created the right statement, you could put minimal furniture on the floor below it and a simple vase or two in the corner. The key is to be minimal here, so you do not shift the focus from your beautiful statement wall.

  1. Gear Up And Do Your Own Painting!

DIY Painting

One of the best and easiest ways to revamp your house’s look is to do a paint job. It can literally change the entire point-of-view. While hiring someone can be costly as well as time-consuming, you could just grab those paintbrushes and get the job done yourself. It can be so much fun too because you could try new and unique patterns as well.

Also, it is a good idea to get testers and try them out first. Many shops offer free testers. Do your research before you set out to buy paints.

  1. Get New Drapes And Curtains!

New Curtains

Although it seems like a simple tip, it can give a fresh new look to your windows. Drapes and curtains are an essential part of your house’s interior. Matching your curtains and drapes or even contrasting them with your paint can be a big game-changer. It would add a new personality to your rooms.

Once you follow this home décor tip, you will be surprised to see what a simple drape and curtain change can do to your house’s interior!

  1. A Little Nature Never Hurt Anybody!

Indoor Plants

Yes, what could be simpler and cheaper than borrowing some decorative ideas from mother nature. But how can you do that?

Well, you could simply add some plants and flowers to the space. Look around, are you surrounded by all lifeless, solid, and hard-lined objects? If yes, it’s high time you add some life there. Adding greens has never hurt anyone, not in food and most definitely not in your home décor.

There is a wide range of indoor plants, cacti, and succulents that you could go for. They are budget-friendly as well. Adding some artificial or even real flowers to your vases can also revitalize the feel and look of your interior.

  1. Redress Your Pillows And Cushions

Pillows And Cushion Covers

Don’t you feel good and all fresh when you try a new dress from your wardrobe? Just imagine what “redressing” throw pillows and cushions could do to your interior decor.

You could even change your pillow and cushion covers according to the season. To give a more springy feeling, put flowery cotton or linen covers on your cushions and pillows. During fall and winter times, you could go for darker and deeper prints on silk or velvet.

  1. Consider Scented Candles Or Diffusers

Scented Candles

You can change the vibe and ambience of your home décor by simply changing the feel of the surrounding air. Adding a simple scented candle or diffuser could serve the purpose efficiently. Choose the right scent that would complement your new home décor.

  1. Revamp Your Bookshelves!


Turn the bibliophile inside you into an artist by adding a tinge of creativity to your bookshelves. Don’t just put all the books vertically. Put some horizontally, serving as bookends. Add pieces of pottery or small photo-frames here and there.

You could also use small vases as bookends. Another idea is to make pyramids with your books. You could do so by stacking your books on top of each other from the biggest to the smallest. – and then place your favourite decorative item on top.

  1. Let’s Not Forget The Exterior!

Outdoors Solar Lights

While you are planning on doing so much to the interior, you must invest a little in the outdoors. Starting from simple ideas like installing solar lights on the sidewalk can work magic!

Putting up bird feeders outside the windows, painting your front door a new colour, and adding a new porch light are some more budget-friendly ideas to vamp up your interior décor.

There you are. You could use these budget-friendly ideas to redecorate your home without having to worry about the finances. Revamping your home décor is an excellent way to revitalize your everyday life and feel great indoors. It also helps to awaken the creativity in you and put it to good use.

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