8 Upgrades To Make Immediately To An Older Home


8 Upgrades To Make Immediately To An Older Home
If you have an older home or are thinking about buying one, there are many improvements that you want to consider doing right away. They will be worth your while in terms of being able to afford the upkeep of your home and to fully enjoy it. Here are 8 upgrades that you should make as soon as you can.


Unless your older home was recently updated you will likely have an older heating and air conditioning system. It will also not likely have all the newest energy efficiency developments that have come on the market in the last five years. Yes, it is an expensive investment, but without making it you will end up paying thousands of extra dollars each year to heat and cool your home. A new system will have been properly calibrated by calibration service providers and will last you well over 20 years. Now is the time to do it!


Best Thermostats
Some older homes may have been fitted with a new thermostat during previous renovations and repairs. But few older homes will have the latest programmable thermostat that will let you regulate the heat in your older home automatically. This will allow you to lower the temperature in your home while you are away during the day or sleeping at night. A programmable thermostat will become another energy efficient tool that will help your older home become affordable and more comfortable to live in.


Replace Old Windows
One of the first things you should do after you move into you’re your older home is to take a walk around and stand near the windows. See if there is a breeze or any drafts coming through them. Don’t be surprised when you feel that burst of air. Older homes will need their windows replaced right away. In the summer, you lose any benefit of air conditioning and in the winter, you will freeze if you don’t take this important first step and improve your older home.


Sealing Cracks
Older homes are not usually sealed properly. That wasn’t their priority in the days before energy efficiency. Many people believed that it was better to have a house that breathed instead of one that was perfectly sealed. Sealing is something that you can do yourself but it might be worth your while to get an inspection and some suggestions from a reputable contractor t see if more complex repairs and sealing might be required.


Building Insulation
There weren’t as many insulation options available when many older homes were built as compared to today. As a result, most of them are not well insulated. Like replacing old windows and sealing all the cracks, insulation can save you a lot of energy and money in both the short and long term. Your contractor or handyman can give you some suggestions on the best way to start this process which may be best to do a piece at a time as you lovingly restore your older home.

Water Heater

Replace A Water Heater
You will almost certainly have to replace your water heater. The one in most older homes is simply not up to today’s standards are you are likely losing hot water and money that is just going down the drain with your old model water heater. Experts suggest that you can reduce up to 20 percent of your annual energy costs just in this one move. You can save money and never worry about running out of hot water ever again.


Replace Kitchen Appliances
We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, preparing and eating meals and just socializing. If you have an older home you will want to replace the appliances as soon as you can as well as the flooring and the kitchen cabinets. Some older homes have a kitchen with charm, but few have the modern appliances and durable flooring that we’ve become used to.


You will have to paint and replace wallpaper in any old home. Some of the rooms may have been updated, but just for that clean, fresh look, you will want to apply a new coat of paint to many of them. Paint your master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom first. Then you can move in and enjoy the rustic surroundings while you decide on design and colours for the rest of the house.


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