8 Ways To Clean Your Home After Water Damage


Floods and leaking water from pipes in the wall cause severe damage to your home and the furniture. Along with your house, water damage also destroys other precious items residing inside. Even your newly built home can turn into a damaged structure. You should be quick in calling water damage Macon GA services for help.

8 Steps To Clean Your House After Floods And Water Damage

With the right steps towards restoring your house after the damage, you can minimize its effect. Some of you may immediately try to reconstruct your home after the disaster. But, floodwaters are not clean and can lead to insect infestations, mold growth, and decay of the wall gradually. Therefore, cleaning your house after the destruction is essential.

  1. Contact Your Home Insurance Provider

Home Insurance Provider

The first thing you can do is to call your home insurance company to assess the damage. By the time they would arrive, take photos of your house as a proof to show. Try cleaning the waste to reveal the loss. After they examine the condition, they would suggest the next steps follow. Your policy provider will help you manage the cleanup and contribute to paying the repairing bills.

  1. Prevent The Water From Entering Your House

Prevent The Water From Entering Your House

While restoring your residence, you must make sure that water stops flowing in. Cut off the main water line and soak off the remaining water with mops and old towels. You can pour down the water into the drains or lawn. Use a wet/dry vacuum to speed up the process.

  1. Start Drying Your Home

Home Drying

After getting rid of water, begin with the drying process. Keep aside your appliances, furniture, and other things to make space for cleaning. Take your cleaning tools and ensure that no area in your remains wet. It prevents mold growth and other microorganisms from dwelling in your house. Make sure your possessions do not get affected by the drying process.

  1. Get Rid Of Damaged Items Carefully

Get Rid Of Damaged Items Carefully

You may be in a hurry to dispose of the waste lying in your home. But don’t panic. Do not just throw the damaged items anywhere out of sight. Stock up the trash into boxes, if available, and find a suitable place to dump them. Try if you can take some of them into recycling centers.

  1. Disinfect Your House

Disinfect Your House

When you are done with drying and cleaning up the waste, it’s time that you start destroying the leftovers. Use a reliable disinfectant to eliminate all the bacteria from walls, furniture, carpets, and other items in your home. You can use non-toxic products as a powder to sprinkle over the affected areas.

  1. Clean Your Furniture

Water Damage Restoration

Take your furniture outside your home to clean and wash off all the mud. Remove all the parts and wipe them properly. Try to use specific cleaning products for exclusive materials. Until the furniture dries completely do not refinish it. It may take weeks and months to dry.

  1. Renovate Affected Areas

Hardwood Floor Drying

Often floors and carpets remain untouched from cleaning. Hardwood floors and plywood subfloors do not dry immediately. They can keep water trapped and worsen the situation. Therefore, you need to clean up these areas. Some machines serve the purpose of pulling out extra water from the flooring without even replacing them. Also, look if other household items need repair and replacement.

  1. Check For Mold Growth

Mold Growth

Floods and excessive water discharge can lead to mold growth in the areas with moisture. Try to remove humidity from your house as much as possible. Air conditioners befit the process. Switch on electric lights in the closets to facilitate drying. While cooking, you can use exhaust fans to dry up excessive moisture.

You may not stop the occurrence of natural phenomena, but you can deal with its loss by applying safety measures.

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  1. These are good tips! Last year, one of the pipes in my basement leaked while I was away on vacation. When I got back home, it was so bad, I had to have a water damage restoration specialist come out and take care of the mess. Luckily they got it cleaned up pretty fast!


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