8 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Space


Feeling stressed? Take a step outside and breathe deep. Spending time outdoors is one of the best things to do for our mental and physical health; mom knew right all along when she told us to play outside!

Improving your outdoor living space acts as an extension of your house, giving your family more space to spread out. A patio with a table gives you a different dining option. Outdoor couches and chairs provide an inviting space for friends and family to gather together.

  1. Make An Inviting Sitting Area

Outdoor Sitting Area

The first thing you should do is create an inviting sitting area for your friends and family to enjoy. You don’t have to spend too much money! People sell used outdoor furniture all the time, and you can add a new coat of paint and a few outdoor pillows to create a unique look.

Lay down an outdoor rug so that you can enjoy some barefoot time. Nothing is better than curling up on the couch outside with a blanket and coffee while barefoot. Bliss!

Another option is to hang one or two hammocks throughout your backyard. Hammocks scream lay in me and relax. They work on porches, terrace, patios, or just your backyard. Who doesn’t love to take a nap in a hammock at the end of a long workday?

  1. Pick A Color Palette

Traditional Patio

Deciding on a unique color palette for your outdoor space makes it feel more like a room and a cohesive part of your house rather than a separate area. Make sure also to include some bright whites or neutral sand tones because they contribute to the overall tranquil feeling. Try combining a neutral sand tone with coral and teal blue! Pick a color palette that represents you the best.

  1. Electronic Friendly Space

Electronic Friendly Space

If you want to spend time outside, setting up places for your electronics to stay charged outdoors is helpful. For people who work at home or work online, an electronic-friendly space is a must. A few hints include:

  • Use a Wi-Fi antenna to boost your range.
  • Try solar chargers!
  • Wireless speakers set the mood outside. You can turn on festive music for parties or some low-key tunes for a relaxing evening with the family.
  1. Add Outside Lighting

Outside Patio Lighting

Believe it or not, outdoor lighting increases your home’s appeal. Most buyers want to see outdoor lighting features because it makes the area safer and allows you to spend more time outside.

There are many ways to display lighting throughout your outside space. Use uplighting to highly focal points or trees. Add solar lights along your walkways and steps. Pendant lights and scones are perfect for the entertaining and grilling area or try stringing lights around your patio for a fairy-tale look.

  1. Keep Your Lawn Maintained

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

There’s nothing worse than well designed outdoor living space with wilting or overgrown grass surrounding it. The backyard is a place to let loose and allow kids or pets (or adults) to play. Make sure to follow proper lawn care guidelines if you’re maintaining the lawn yourself. There’s a wealth of online information regarding how to grow healthy grass. A good example is WikiLawn Round Rock’s lawn care guide, though there are plenty more. If you start to feel overwhelmed, you can always hire a lawn care professional to diagnose and treat your lawn.

  1. Provide Entertainment Options


You want to do more than sit outside and have dinner. An outdoor living space allows you to live and have fun! Some ideas include:

  • Adding a fire pit. Everyone loves to roast marshmallows or sit around the fire talking.
  • Include a playhouse or swing set for your children
  • Get creative and make a hopscotch walkway for kids and adults alike.
  1. Provide Some Coverage Area

Wooden Pergola

The weather often dictates how much time you can spend outside. Providing a covered area creates more time that you can spend outdoors. An awning, canopy, or pergola are good picks. You can set up the sitting area underneath of them, allowing you to sit outside with your coffee even if it’s raining.

Some people like to put up makeshift walls around their patio with screens to protect against bugs.

  1. Create Some Privacy

Fence Panels Decorative Metal Gates

Privacy is necessary to create a right living space. Adding a fence is the ideal choice, but fences are privacy! If that’s not in your budget, you can hang curtains around your patio or pergola. Tall shrubs and trees can also create a sense of privacy on a budget.

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