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Interior Design

Airbnb has become extraordinarily popular. And this can be explained not only by competent management of employees. The owners of the lease play a big role in the company’s success. Property owners spend a lot of effort and money to attract a large number of holidaymakers. We hope that the advice will help create better vacation rentals design for tourists.

Creating Comfort

Everything that is done in rental rooms should be aimed at meeting the needs of guests. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in it. You can solve the guests’ household problems, creating the necessary conditions for them. You can do simple things that are useful to tourists, namely:

  • Put a hanger in the room for outerwear;
  • Hang a small board in the kitchen with recipes;
  • Put a comfortable sofa in the restroom so that the tourist could relax after a hard day.

Even the hooks for towels in the bathroom are important.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Bold Decisions.

You do not need to be shy of steep changes in the interior. Hang voluminous paintings, frescoes, and lighting in the rooms if you want your Airbnb listing to stand out. Among potential clients are many desperate young people who aspire to an unusually bright atmosphere of rest. To surprise them, paint the window frames in whimsical colors. Turn on the imagination and create original decorations using ceiling beams. Organize a luxurious place for rest by the window.

Decorate Your Windows

Do not try to install roller blinds on the windows. Heavy curtains create a warm atmosphere in the room, especially on cold winter evenings. Made of dark material, they contribute to a sound sleep. Guests often prefer to retire in the night silence, peering into the sky and evening lights. Clean curtains on the windows give solitude a special peace and harmony. Don’t be afraid to hang wide curtains on the entire wall. This will make your room exclusive.

For more information about the business on Airbnb, read here.

Create A Style Of Flowers And Plants

Photos with images of flowers and plants remain in memory for a long time. Give more daylight and air, water them to give more freshness. Use different places in the room to arrange your plants and flowers. For this are suitable:

  • Windowsills;
  • Hanging pots on the walls;
  • Special shelves;
  • Countertops in the kitchen;
  • Coffee tables;
  • Vases on the tables.

You can use colorful artificial flowers for a series of photos, tastefully distributing them around the room.

Make The Interior Famous For Instagram.

Include original items in your rental space. Focus on them, the viewer’s attention. To do this, you can put funny items made with your own hands. It can be a deer’s head chained to a wall, a floor lamp made of feathers, or a rack made in the traditions of local ceramics. You can make tables, chairs, benches, which differ from the usual products. Tie the baskets, make stands for flowers. Objects should be harmoniously placed in their places.

Get Rid Of Boring White Walls.

Solid white walls of interiors are a thing of the past. The poor palette of colors makes life boring. Meanwhile, colors play an essential role in human life. They inspire and excite, soothe and heal. Colors affect well-being and character. Boldly add variety to the color scheme of your rooms. Let the red color of passion and energy coexist with blue, symbolizing reason and pragmatism. Add the optimism and joy of the yellow to nature’s harmony of green. It is beautiful when the purple color of wisdom and nobility coexists with the blue, which is associated with the peaceful sky. This blue color relaxes and lulls the person.

Show Small Rooms

There is an opinion that people prefer big spaces. But this is not the case for everyone. Many people feel uncomfortable in large rooms as if they feel superfluous looks at themselves.

Show your guest a small but cozy corner so that the holidaymaker had the opportunity to enjoy reading his favorite book in complete silence. It is here that he can relax, maybe under the quiet classical music. It is good to give to such a room the appearance of a small library, where next to the books are the sources of music.

Use Ancient Items Along With Expensive Furniture.

It is difficult to surprise modern tourists with the rich interior design. It is not necessary to show only items of expensive furniture in the room. Travelers are curious people. Going on a trip, they think not only about the rest. They are keenly interested in the history, traditions, and customs of the local population. Antiquities will serve as visual witnesses to the past of the people. Therefore, along with rich furniture, it is reasonable to arrange old things, which were used by ancestors. You can find them in attics, basements, warehouses. Travelers will be very glad to learn about new facts.

Invest In Original Light Sources

We are used to the light from one point of the room. Beautiful chandeliers in the middle of the room look great, but for the whole light, it is not enough. We forget about the vertical surface of the rooms, where our vision is basically directed. For comfort in the room should be provided lighting for the walls. In the bedroom and living room, it is better to install sources with reflected light. Such lighting has less effect on the eyes. The lamps are ideally better placed so that they are not visible. There must be special lamps for the guests to read books or magazines. And don’t forget: good lighting can change even a nondescript room.

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