9 Benefits Of Using Sea Salt/Sendha Namak In Home


Benefits Of Using Sea Salt/Sendha Namak In-Home

While we know how salt is essential for our health, you will be surprised to know that salt, and particularly sea salt or ‘sendha namak,’ can give you umpteen number of reasons to use it for your well-being. When we talk about well-being, we don’t necessarily mean only the physical but mental as well. Sea salt is also an essential component in ‘Vastu Shastra,’ also known as the ancient architectural science. It has been advised for ages that the use of salt inside homes can also boost positive energy. Now let’s know the nine benefits of using sendha namak in your home.

Essential Nutrients:

Essential Nutrients

Sendha namak is a salt with many nutrients, starting from calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen. These special nutrients help maintain your body’s health by keeping the electrolyte balance steady in your body, good blood circulation, strong bones due to calcium, and more.

Relieves Stress:

Relieves Stress

Stress, burnout, or even if you are depressed due to some personal issue tiring you down, this salt can work as an energizer and calm you down. You can mix some salt in your bath water and take a relaxing bath in it.

Use As A Disinfectant:

Use As A Disinfectant

To make sure that the salt reaches every corner of your home, use it in the water for cleaning and mopping your floor. Also, instead of any synthetic disinfectant, sendha namak as a natural cleaner can be the right choice for kids and families as they do not leave any residue that might be harmful to health.

For A Deep, Dreamless Sleep:

For A Deep, Dreamless Sleep

Sleep and vastu together! Didn’t think of that? You can try it now to drift off to an amazing sleep. There is no doubt that salt is a calming agent, and soaking your feet in a bowl of sendha namak water can help maintain your pH alkaline level in the body. Now you can bid bye to all your sleep-related health problems by soaking your feet in saltwater right before sleeping.

Good For Your Digestion:

Good For Your Digestion

You can achieve good gut health as this salt is known for the laxative properties. It can completely wash your body off the waste from digesting rich or super-oily food. You can make a glass of salty lime water and have it first thing in the morning for flushing out all the toxins.

Prevent Health Problems:

Prevent Health Problems

As per Vastu Shastra, placing sendha namak in a bowl near a diseased family member in their bedroom can help him or her on their way to good health.

Treats Cold And Cough:

Treats Cold And Cough

While you must be knowing how gargling is suggested by doctors to treat a sore throat or cold, now you can use this salt while gargling can increase the benefit by multiple times.

Ward Off The Evil Eye Inside Your Home:

Ward Off The Evil Eye Inside Your Home

Vastu experts suggest keeping a bowl of this salt in the hall to keep away from the evil eye of neighbors or strangers.

Helps Build Up Positive Energy:

Helps Build Up Positive Energy

It also helps correct your home’s bad vastu by sucking out all the negative energy and reinstating positive energy. You can even approach a bathroom designer to know the exact place to keep the salt in the bathroom.

Please remember to consult your physician before replacing sendha namak with common salt in your diet. Now that you know all the benefits don’t hesitate before using it!


Sendha namak/sea salt has a great significance in the science of Vastu Shastra and if you can achieve good results from its use. It is useful for maintaining your health due to the nutrient content and works as a stress reliever, disinfectant, and many others.

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