9 Common Blender Problems


Common Blender Problems

Blenders have become one of the most commonly used household appliances nowadays. Not only is it used in houses, but also in hotels and restaurants. This is because they make the preparation of food easier, thus saving a lot of your time and energy. Also, blenders are extremely convenient to be used. Check out this best vitamix blender alternative for your blender needs.

Often, blenders malfunction. That indicates problems and faults in a blender that need our attention. People who aren’t aware of such signs fail to identify them and continue to use the blender until it becomes useless to the point that it has to be replaced by a new one. If you do not want that, this guide is for you. We have brought to you multiple such blender problems that you must know. Let’s go through them one by one below.

Blender Does Not Run

If your blender has become quite old now, you are likely to face this problem. This is caused due to several reasons, like breakage in the power cord, thermal relay failure, button failures, machine gear breakage, damaged brushes, or faulty motor. If your blender isn’t running, it’s time to inspect the above-mentioned components and find out which of them is the culprit. The only way to fix it is by replacing the faulty component with a new one to ensure the blender runs smoothly.

Blender Disconnects Itself During Operation

Sometimes, you might come across your blender automatically disconnecting itself while running. This is, again, a common problem, usually caused by overloading or power surges, engine overheating, stuck blades, power switches, and flickering.

Usually, when the motor gets overheated, the thermal relay shuts itself down to protect the machine. That’s when the blender stops working midway.

Faulty Switch

Hand blenders also develop problems related to the switch. A lot of blenders come with switches. The speed of the blender blade depends on which of the switches you have pressed. Sometimes, they malfunction and do not work. Inspect the switch using a volt-ohm meter. If you get a low reading, it means the switch is working and might work after some time. If you get some other reading, get the switch repaired or replaced.

Blade Shaft Jammed

Another common blender problem that you may experience is a jammed blade shaft. This issue mostly occurs when you fail to clean the blender properly, and food particles accumulate in the path of rotation, blocking the shafts from rotating freely.

To reduce blender noise, you must disassemble the components, clean the blender and reassemble the components again.

Blender Not Working

Another problem you might encounter is that your blender isn’t working completely. This happens when the fuse is faulty. The fuse box contains the power cord of the blender. You have to take a reading. If it’s high, you have to replace the old fuse with a new one.

Slow Blender Speed

Sometimes you would notice that the blender speed is low or it’s not stable. This happens when the brush gets worn out or becomes very thin.

There Is A Burning Smell From The Blender

Often blenders produce strong smells when used. That’s not an abnormal condition. But when the blender produces a burning smell, it needs your immediate attention. This occurs when the motor is already at high temperatures and is combined with sparks. Together, it produces a burning smell. In that case, stop the machine immediately and let it cool down.

The Blender Produces A Buzzing Sound But Doesn’t Run.

If you notice the blender producing a buzzing sound while the blade isn’t rotating, understand that it’s due to the electric motor losing its momentum due to a short circuit in the stator winding or rotor. One must immediately stop the blender if this problem occurs. Otherwise, the blender can catch fire.

The Blender Produces Sparks

Whenever you see your blender producing sparks, understand that a short circuit has occurred between the commutator and the brush. Sometimes sparks are triggered by friction between the commutator and the brush. Besides producing sparks, a short circuit also affects the distribution of electric current, making it unstable. The motor rotation also becomes unstable in that case.

The Blender Vibrates While Running

Sometimes, the blender vibrates while operating. This isn’t normal. This indicates one or several mechanical problems with the blender system, such as:

  • Hardened Brush

With time the brush becomes inappropriate. It may harden or wear out. When it strikes the commutator surface, the latter becomes unstable, causing vibrations.

  • Uneven Commutator Surface

Needless to say, each of the components of a blender is exposed to wear and tear, and the commutator is no exception. The commutator surface gets damaged with time since it rubs against the brush. Sometimes, the brush jumps when it comes in contact with the commutator.

  • Damage In The Coupling Teeth

The coupling teeth are located between the rotor and the stir. Sometimes, it’s fractured or damaged. In both cases, the blender vibrates while operating.

The last possibility is that the rotor axle is not centric. Thus, the rotation of the rotor becomes swayed. The user can replace the rotor axle if needed.

The Bottom Line

A faulty blender is a real inconvenience. Imagine guests are coming to your place, and your blender doesn’t work! How chaotic and embarrassing the situation would be.

That’s why it’s essential to use your blender properly and methodically. Take good care of your blender. If you notice any signs of malfunctioning, stop the blender immediately and inspect it until you find the cause of the problem. If you notice the motor is straining too much, stop the blender, add some water, and start it again. Do not continue to use the blender despite noticing problems.

By now, you have understood what signs to look for in a blender to understand if it’s faulty. It isn’t difficult to notice an overworking motor or faulty blender. Signs like buzzing sounds, smoky smells, faulty switches, sparks, etc., call for immediate attention. If you continue to neglect these signs, it will only worsen the mechanism of the blender.

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