9 Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home


Most of us like beautiful things around the house; they not only make the house look beautiful but also creates a better and happy environment. While contrary to most who think all those beautiful lamps and wall hangings are expensive, they can be easily made from old stuff lying in our houses. Only little creativity is required to make sure all those beautiful and adorable decorative items are not made from plastic or anything which is not eco-friendly. We suggest a few things you can do to decorate your house with eco-friendly objects

Buy Refurbished Or Second-Hand Furniture

Refurbished Furniture

Many people usually believe that second-hand furniture is of degraded quality as someone might have disposed of it for the same reason. It is not so; people sell their old furniture when they move to a new house or if they are heading for replacement or want to de-clutter the home. Also when you buy second-hand furniture, you can save a few trees from getting chopped off. Using such furniture will also help us to keep our carbon footprint small which makes it pretty necessary for environmental protection. You can try ordering refurbished furniture online with amazing HomeTown Coupons today.

Use Of Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are an excellent way to conserve energy. They prevent extra heat from entering into the room and makes it easier for your air conditioner to use less electricity for cooling the environment of a room

Use Organic Paints

Organic Paints

Paints instantly upgrade the look of your rooms and with trending blues and reds who does not want it. Most of the paints available in the market include high VOC content, and such paints should not be used. As these paints release fumes which are not only harmful to the person inhaling those fumes but also the environment around them. Make sure you use paints with lower VOC content, they will not only fulfill your purpose of a beautiful home but save you and the environment from harmful fumes.

Avoid Carpet

Avoid Carpet

Manufacturing of carpet is very harmful as it releases tons of toxins and fumes into the environment and even afterward it is full of germs and pollutants. If anything it needs to replaced with fabricated tiles of various kinds.

Candles Can Do The Magic

Romantic Candle Decoration

We all know how nice ambiance candles can create once they are lighted up. Though scented fumes of such candles are relaxing, but refrain from buying cheap candles. Cheap candles are full of VOC which is responsible for toxic fumes into the environment. Buy natural candles made of compounds such as beeswax or oil scented with essential oils.

Use Plans To Decorate

Decorate Home With Plants

Plants are beautiful to add on in your house. They are very charming and can be paired up with various things and fitted anywhere. They also increase the amount of fresh oxygen in your home surroundings which have many health benefits. An increasing amount of oxygen can make your skin look beautiful too. House plant can be used to decorate a room, or you can go with a full-fledged kitchen garden. You can go little over with creativity by using colorful pots or recycled pots from old and discarded stuff.

Upcycle The Products

Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas

We live in an age where even if you are not very creative; you can go online and get thousands of doing it yourself ideas. It is always better to use the old material for a purpose than to discard it which will only increase the amount of waste generated. Using it again will also refrain you from buying new products which will not only save your money but also use fewer resources available to us.

Use Sustainable Wood

Sustainable Wood

A piece of wooden furniture can instantly upgrade the look of your room. Even if it is a small corner table or a big cabinet, they are beautiful to fill your house. Also though it is wood, there is a chance you can help the environment, by using wood that comes from the sustainable forest. Product made from Teak, Mahogany, and Oak is such woods which comes from sustainable forests.

Use Biodegradable Alternatives

Home Decor Lighting

For lamps, you should prefer to pamper lamps for seasonal and party decoration or substitute for electrical devices that consume less energy, such as using power saving lights and air conditioners. It will reduce your energy bill which saves not only the environment but also your money. During festive season use lamps and other decoration made of degradable of plastic or things that can be used again. You can also try ordering some of the best designs available with Pepperfry Coupons which will give amazing discounts on all the best selling items.


With the growing concern of environment, using eco-friendly alternatives will make sure you give your contribution to saving the environment. It also lets you enable to maintain hobby and beautiful homes without wastage of resources and money. We should understand that saving energy can help to conserve the environment equally and opt for power saving devices. All these issues can be dealt in a way that does not compromise your home decoration ideas.

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