9 Effortless Bookshelf Decor Ideas To Spruce Your Opus Haven


Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Bookshelves are like the underdogs of the décor world. You didn’t know something functional can also be aesthetically pleasing until now.

There are endless possibilities to style a bookshelf, and I am giving you the best 9.

From lush greenery to art to trendy wallpapers or paint, it’s not just about stacking books vertically or horizontally anymore.

You will end up finding the most basic décor items right under your roof, or a flea market, or even buy one if needed.

Here are some effortless and exceptionally creative bookshelf décor ideas that are post-worthy.

My foolproof method to styling bookshelves

Step 1: Empty your shelves.

Step 2: Assemble your books, knick-knacks, and art (I usually do it on the floor).

Step 3: Switch, switch, Switch.

Step 4: Repeat until you settle on something you like!

Honestly, there is no secret recipe for styling shelves. Don’t hesitate to try a few dozen times because you end up with something that looks artistic and premeditated. One thing that I would go beyond my way to suggest is to have a good and wide variety of décor pieces to choose from.

During my research, some of my favorite inspirations came not from being flawlessly symmetrical or impeccably planned; they came from a combination of it all. From old and new, neutral and colorful, big and small, or cheap and expensive, don’t be skeptical about it not going together in the first go. Try it all.

  1. Give It An Artover

Artover Bookshelf

The point of this idea is to not place artwork inside the bookshelf but to hang it on the ridges.

Not only does adding a painting to your bookshelf make it look elegant but also gives it a whole lot of character and makes the entire setting look less rigid.

Visit a flea market, raid your attic or garage, or you can order an oil painting if you don’t have the patience to go out and search for a centerpiece for your bookshelf.

The sheer coziness and sophistication just a piece of art can bring to a room are mind-boggling.

  1. Display Your China

Bookshelf Display

One of the easiest ways to style your bookshelf is to finally come to terms that your treasured China cannot always sit in that box.

Instead, use the shelves to flaunt your collection and give your bookshelf an edge.

You could either equally distribute your books and your China or be stingy with your China but balance your display with color-coordinated books.

  1. Verdant Greenery & Bling

Verdant Greenery

Any space in your house that you decorate should have a touch of your personality.

If you are someone who likes lush greenery and is extravagant, you would want to incorporate who you are into your décor and so opt for a mixture of “botanicals and blings.”

Plants and succulents are paired up with shiny and metallic bookends or pots.

  1. Add Some Life


Figures add a whole lot of character to any decorative setting. Your bookshelves shouldn’t be any less.

Figurines aren’t necessarily supposed to be about animals; you can even have human torsos or heads. They give the entire display a hint of life while being decorative.

Believe me, any toned or colored statues look beautiful as long as it complements your bookshelf array.

  1. More Space For More Stuff

Bookshelf Decoration

Weave baskets are by far the most functional and elegant pieces of bookshelf decor.

They add an exquisite bohemian touch to your bookshelf while hiding your not-meant-for-public-eye things.

The best part about adding baskets to your bookshelf décor is that it gives you more space to store more, making it ridiculously practical.

One is just never enough; you can either store them all at the same level or distribute them across your bookshelf.

  1. Accent Wallpapers

Accent Wallpapers

This bookshelf decorating idea turns a storage space into a beautiful design accent.

I love that it is a renter-friendly option so that even people who have a temporary home can add their personal touches to it without hurting their deposit.

It’s the perfect kind of pizzazz you can add to your home and turn the bookshelf into a focal point.

  1. Sometimes Galore Is Enough

Decorate A Bookshelf

Sometimes to decorate a bookshelf, you don’t need anything but more books.

A full stacked bookshelf looks so pleasant and complete that it barely needs anything else, is proof.

You can add decorative items at the top of the bookshelf to add a bit of drama to it. It wouldn’t take the focus, but it will complete the look.

  1. Interspersed Ceramics

Interspersed Ceramics

Ceramics on your bookshelf don’t necessarily have to have plants in them.

Yes, if you want to add a distinct touch to your bookshelf, you can display them in myriad ways, like keeping some empty and adding plants to others.

If you are a minimalist, stick to a unified look by choosing single-toned or matching pots; if you play for the other team, go crazy with colorful pots and different patterns.

  1. Mix & Match


This one is for someone who wants everything and anything on their bookshelves, and you can still do it without making it look bestrewed.

Add some extraordinary paintings — maybe your wedding portrait to your bookshelf along with plants, figurines, candles, 3D alphabets or numbers, and books!

You can even fill spaces by adding trinkets from your travels, small bowls, and ceramics altogether.

Contribute to your bookshelf décor items over time with your findings, and with time, it will reflect your personality and who you are.

That’s All

The whole point of this blog wasn’t to tell you how to stack your books, it was to show you how pretty your bookshelves can be with books as well as decorative items and just a little bit of brainstorming. I hope I did help you picture the bookshelf of your dreams and give you ideas to bring it to life.

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