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Future Kitchen Design

Do you ever visit the mall and see some appliances and wish they were in your home while shopping? The Internet of Things is everywhere in your house, including your kitchen, and the world hasn’t even seen its tail. Thanks to IoT, gadgets have evolved, and people can enjoy life, save time, and perform some tasks via the internet. The kitchen you always dreamed of is about to be a reality, but you need to know what’s necessary for that future kitchen. Here are nine gadgets that you could consider.

  1. Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart Fridge

Now imagine a fridge with an inbuilt computer system. It’s a crazy electronic in the right way.

The computerized electronic can play music, bring notes, and show photos associated with your kitchen affairs.

  1. Crockpot Wemo

Crockpot Wemo

Want to find your soup or stew ready when you get home? The wemo-connected crockpot has you covered as long as you move the recipes from the cabinet to the storage section of the gadget.

Talking about cabinets, installing shaker cabinet doors is also a smart move. Your future kitchen deserves some upgrades as well.

  1. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

The pan allows temperature control and perfect timing. The gadget helps you know your salmon’s or steak’s temperature and when it will be ready.

You have to download and install the Pantelligent app on your iPhone or Android phone to help you monitor the cooking and notify you when the food is finally ready.

  1. June Intelligent Oven

June Intelligent Oven

If you are not mesmerized by IoT yet, maybe you haven’t heard of this oven. June Intelligent Oven is available in most stores and online. It works as a smart kid in a Science conference. The oven has a camera that recognizes food and asks what you are cooking.

It cooks your food perfectly based on recipes and preferences, and you can watch the whole process via an app.

  1. HAPIfork


It’s not a good idea to eat fast no matter the deliciousness of your meal. Even your parents used to ask you to slow down. This is because your eating speed plays a vital role in digestion and fullness.

By slowing down, you improve both of them, and the Hapifork is happy to help you. The Bluetooth-connected fork counts your fork servings, how long it takes you to eat, and the time between servings.

  1. LG’s Smart Oven

LG’s Smart Oven

The appliance is connected to your phone through a Wi-Fi hotspot and allows you to control it remotely. It can perform all the tasks of an oven. It has some bells and whistles to help you monitor your food.

Install the LG Smart Access Range app and use it to control the oven, including sending recipes from a distance.

  1. HOPii Beer Maker

HOPii Beer Maker

The best beer is the homemade one, and you can use HOPii to make it. The device uses different combinations of hops, yeast, wort, and flavorings.

Pop them in the gadget and wait. After a week or so, turn on the tap of the machine and pour the contents into your beer mug. You can check the progress from your phone.

  1. Behmor Coffee Brewer

Behmor Coffee Brewer

The Behmor Coffee Brewer is not just a usual coffee brewer. With it, you can customize your coffee brew and monitor the appliance from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

On your way home, upstairs in your bedroom, or when you are talking with your visitors, as the brewer to make your lovely cup of Joe, and it will obey.

  1. LivBlends Smoothie Maker

LivBlends Smoothie Maker

The smoothie maker cooks a smoothie that looks and tastes like Keurig. It looks so good that you will no longer have to look at the abs of your Juiceman.

Sorry, Juiceman! I loved you, but I love homemade smoothies more!


The Internet has changed a lot of things. It’s easier to access information, and now making your meals is simpler. Build your future kitchen with these latest gadgets.

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