9 Good Ways To Dog-Proof Your Home When You Get A New Dog


New Dog

Before you bring a new dog home, you need to realize that there will be instances of chewing, trash digging, and clothes missing. However, when you take the necessary steps to prevent those common issues, you, your family, and your dog will become happier together and in a loving home that all can enjoy together. First, though, you and your family need to dog-proof your home to avoid any French Bulldog health issues later on. Below, we have nine that will do the trick instantly.

  1. Keep Kitchen Trash Secured

Although you may think that this one is a no-brainer, it would not be any surprise that replacing your trash can with one that is more secured is not only practical but will also prevent any trash spills from happening. Not only that, but it could save you from making unnecessary trips to the vet if your dog eats from the trash. Also, you won’t have to be concerned about any smells.

  1. Keep The Laundry Secured

Like we said about the trash, the same needs to happen with the laundry. By having a lid, your clothes will be secured and out of your dog’s mouth and grasp. If anything, you will be better off keeping the dirty laundry closed due to it having the scent of you and your family members.

  1. Keep All Cords Wound Up Together

No matter how old your dog is, any cord will be a nice treat to chew on. This is due to their inability to distinguish the difference between a plastic toy and a cord. This is true even for dogs who are simply playing, and they get tangled up. This is why you should keep the cords wound up and out of sight when not in use.

  1. Use A Deterrent Spray

When you know that you will have your new canine friend at home, it is a good idea to have a bottle of deterrent spray. This will prevent your dog from chewing on furniture and anything else you do not feel like replacing. With the bad odor of the spray, your furry friend will think twice about taking a nibble. However, due to no dog being the same, you should try it out first to ensure that your dog responds to it appropriately.

  1. Employ Inaccessibility

This means installing latches on all cabinets that a dog may access and allow themselves to get into trouble. This includes latching everything that may be toxic, as well as food and chemicals.

  1. Designate A Secured Space

From the moment you bring your new dog home, you need to know where their designated secured space will be. This space will be specifically for the dog to help acclimatize them to their new home. You can easily install baby gates so that your dog does not feel excluded o unwanted and can view the family and interact. Also, ensure that they have a few toys to keep themselves busy while home alone.

  1. Have Cleaning Rags Nearby

The outside elements can easily create a mess indoors. This is especially true for days where you have a lot of rain or if your dog experiences a dirty day. These clean rags will be able to help clean your dog before they come into the house. Please keep them in a designated spot in the foyer to easily access them when needed.

  1. Utilize Absorbent Pads

Your dog will have messes indoors, and you need to be prepared for them before they occur. Having absorbent pads in place will help keep the flooring clean. The good thing about these pads is that they are available in more than one size and different shapes to blend in perfectly with space.

  1. Ensure Plants Are Nontoxic

If you love real houseplants, you may want to ensure that you stick to the nontoxic variety. This is because many dogs may get the munchies and accidentally snack on one, and get sick. If you cannot change out your current fauna, then ensure that it is up and out of each at all times. To play it safe, incorporate some wheatgrass, which is perfect for your dog’s digestive health.

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