9 Great Applications For Recycled Timber


Recycled Timber

Furniture timber has remained an indispensable part of homes from the oldest days known to mankind. In later days, however, for varying reasons, new timber started becoming relatively scarce as well as expensive. In turn, this gave rise to recycled timber, and many people see this as a desirable innovation for more reasons than one. Recycled timber comes largely from old bridges, old homes, ships, boats, and similar environments. When wood from these sources is recycled, they end up back in homes instead of heading for the landfills.

There are many ways to put recycled timber to great use within your home, and we explore nine different applications for this type of timber in this article.

  1. A Flower Box From Old Cedar

Timber Flower Box

If you can find some old cedar, you can get down working with this to make a beautiful flower box. Cedar is particularly soft and durable as well as resistant to weather. These properties make the species ideal for plant/flower boxes that you would outside in the backyard or balcony. If your focus is on placing the box inside your home, woods like cherry, maple, and pine are also ideal.

  1. Bookshelf

Timber Bookshelf

Another way to make use of recycled timber is to make a bookshelf, and this can be pretty simple too. Make even-sized planks that are preferably sanded and finished so that the tooling needed is minimal. In certain situations you may not even be finished, sanded or painted planks and particle boards/pine boards are good options. After all, the planks are going to get covered with books, and the surface the planks won’t be exposed. Take stock of the appearance and size of the recycled wood you have and determine the ideal dimensions. Cut the wood according to the dimensions, including vertical supports and backboard (if you need one).

  1. Garden Bench

Timber Garden Bench

You can find some old storage units or other hardwood in your backyard to create a bench for your garden or even inside your home. As you know, a bench can be put to multiple uses, and your imagination is the only limiting factor. Depending on your interests, the bench can be pretty simple or heavily decorated. If you are launching into a big project with this, check out multiple designs and instructions from home improvement sites or woodworking books. When you are using recycled timber, be liberal with your creative ideas, and refer to the digital world or even the old wood printed books for directions. You must formulate your ideas before putting the tools to the wood.

  1. Stools

Timber Stools

Kitchen islands are common with many of our modern homes, and where such islands are not feasible, you will find an alternate counter surface that is ideal for eating, reading a book, or working with your laptop. Whatever be your focus, a stool can be very convenient in multiple ways. When you need some extra seating, stools occupy minimum space, and that can be a huge advantage. The height of the stool is a crucial consideration when you get down to this task. When you/your guest is sitting on the sitting on the stool, the height should not make the person uncomfortable because he/she is not at the same level as others.

  1. Table

Timber Table

You can look at some contemporary sources for ancient furniture timber, and a solid door like that of a bedroom can turn into kitchen tables, coffee tables, or even a dining table depending on the size you need. After all, tables can be useful in a variety of settings inside your home. Recycling an old door into a table can involve some hard work, and you should have appropriate tooling to achieve this. Put your ideas on paper before you take out the tools and understand how you will go about the task. This will help you determine stuff that you need to procure and align what is available with you. Depending on your circumstances, you can also think of a glass top for the finished table. For ages, woodworkers have used reclaimed wood from barn doors, old farmhouses, etc. to make beautiful modern-day furniture. Most of this wood is heavily aged and sourced initially from growth forests of yesteryears, giving them great stability and density.

  1. Bed Frame

Timber Bed Frame

Did you know that recycled timber can be ideal for bed frames? If you have used the mattress to sleep on the floor, you perhaps realize the importance of a bedroom. Some people even hold the view that a bed frame helps fight back pain. However, you should choose recycled timber with the size of the frame you need in mind. This way, you can avoid wastage or additional work trying to put the pieces to use.

  1. Headboard

Timber Headboard

Have you ever checked out the price of a new headboard? It can cost you several hundred dollars. But a more economical way is to consider recycled timber and make one for you. The species of wood is not very important when you are making a headboard. Do a bit of shopping for old wood like a fireplace mantel or picket fence. Keep the size in mind as also the extent of work that you would need to put before you can see the finished product. Depending on your creativity and time at your disposal, this work can take several days or completed in just a few hours after you get the reclaimed wood home.

  1. Decorative Boxes

Timber Decorative Boxes

Decorative boxes can be put to use in several ways, like housing a treasured item, displaying certificates in a glass case, or simply store stuff that deserves attention. Once again, the species of recycled timber is not important for making decorative boxes, and any you can conveniently pick anything available. The work itself is relatively easy and significantly inexpensive compared to other decorative boxes that you can buy online.

  1. Picture Frame

Timber Picture Frame

Most of us seen have picture frames embellish, not just the picture, but the overall ambiance in a room. A picture frame made out of recycled wood and enhanced by your creativity can become a significant asset for generations. What is more, you can get to work on this using just scrap wood from other projects or finding some from other members of the extended family.


With recycled timber, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your creative abilities in more ways than one.

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