9 Most Impressive Valentine Décor Ideas


Most people feel that home decoration is restricted to New Year and Christmas, but the third big event that deserves to be decorated is Valentine’s Day. Flowers and chocolates are quite a thing on Valentine, but there cannot be a better way to celebrate this day than by planning a home lunch surprise, where you pep up the decor and make your partner feel special.

So, with valentine’s day around the corner, here are a few fun yet creative valentine’s decor ideas that indeed make your day special.

Let’s get started:

  1. Heart-Shaped Helium Balloons

Heart-Shaped Balloon Tails

Decorate your corners with pink and red heart-shaped valentines balloons, tied with lovely satin ribbons, which will add a lot of love to the room. This is surely going to make your loved one feel extra special.

  1. Valentine Day Wreath

Valentine Day Wreath

What are valentines without florals? Bring on the touch of a floral bouquet through a lovely hand-made heart-shaped wreath. Preferably, a red or pink color wreath will make the perfect couple backdrop. What are valentines without florals? Bring on the touch of a floral bouquet through a lovely hand-made heart-shaped wreath. Preferably, a red or pink color wreath will make the perfect couple floral backdrop.

  1. Heart Hanging In A Vase

Heart Hanging In A Vase

We hope that with each year, your love keeps growing. To symbolize the eternal growth of your love, here’s a brilliant idea. Create a cute heart filled the tree with simple craft paper and stick them around tree branches, with a little touch of sparkle.

  1. Valentines Card Display Box

Valentines Card Display Box

How about a frame that holds the message of your heart? Valentine without greeting cards is incomplete, so design small cards with personalized messages and hang them in a frame. If time permits, you can also add pictures of your lovely memories and add them as well to the frame. Years may pass by, but with each valentine, keep adding more love to the frame.

  1. Fabric With Balloons

Fabric With Balloons

To go the extra mile, this idea will surely help. Get some thin fabric in red, pink, or polka dots and hand them around the room. Let them flow freely and scatter white and red balloons all over the room. Now, your room is reflecting a perfect valentine’s mood. Trust us; this decor idea is sure to bring a broad smile to your sweetheart’s face.

  1. Play With Lights


Pull out all the red and pink bulbs and those lovely star lights. Put them across your wall and let the corner create an overwhelming response.

  1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Valentines without roses cannot be complete. Decorate your center table with some lovely red and pink roses, a pair of scented candles, and some classy crockery. Stylish homes always attract the best mood, so make sure your home looks like a paradise and smells like heaven.

  1. Photo-Booth


The decor cannot end without a photo booth station. This idea is a never-miss-out thing, and it is going to take your valentine’s party to a new level. You can create a photo-booth with balloons and streamers, or you could create a DIY floral wall with lovely dry flowers hanging on the wall and creating a dream-like background. Don’t forget to add lights to the backdrop. Surely, you are now ready to create some lifetime memories.

  1. Lay Down Some Champagne

Valentine Gifts

Now that the home is ready to welcome your loved one, it’s time to set up a champagne tower on the table. A long talk over a glass of pink champagne would surely be a great start to your valentine’s evening.

The Bottom line:

The joy of creating Valentine’s décor on your own is a very different feeling. The fact that someone takes out time to craft out décor speaks volumes of their love towards you. A Home baked cake with some lovely dinner and a joyful conversation is all that valentine’s day is all about.

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