9 Organizing Mistakes That Can Make Your House Look Messy


9 Organizing Mistakes That Can Make Your House Look Messy

Do you get the feeling that even though your house is clean, it still feels cluttered? Sometimes, a little clutter feels excellent, as long as you think it’s not bothering you, and you don’t believe that there’s something that you can do about it.

But what if you feel the opposite? Ideally, the home has many parts, and neglecting a few key areas tend to throw off the entire vibe. Adjusting a few things that you might not have thought about before is one of the keys to getting settled.

If you still feel that your home is a little bit disheveled, you might be surprised that clean houses still manage to look messy by making some of these most common organizing mistakes. The good news for you is that it’s quite easy to fix. Read on to know-how!

  1. Confusing Clean Vs. Organized

Sometimes, having piles lined up in the kitchen counter doesn’t mean you’re organized. If you fill most of the flat surfaces of your home with clutter, then it’s time to designate a specific spot for everything. It might be a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang on it, those piles will gradually disappear.

Once you clear off the things that don’t belong to the kitchen counter, don’t forget to leave out the things that you use daily. If you’re making smoothies every day, then leave an extra room for the blender. Note that it’s easy to keep surfaces clean and well-organized if you already have what you need at hand, and everything in your home already has a designated spot. Opt for a regular cleaning service NY for your house.

  1. Overstuffing A Room

The most massive objects in the room are your furniture. The two things that you need to think about here is your scale and placement. A piece of furniture that’s too large for a room quickly overwhelms it. That’s why you have to ensure that your furniture is appropriate for your room size, as well as with the other things in that room.

Allow some pieces to float. Having all of your furniture shoved against the walls inhibits the natural flow of the space.

  1. Forgetting Your Cables

Exposed power strips and cords bring a bunch of chaos in a room. Wires on a wall or the floor can be a complete eyesore. That’s why it’s crucial to look for your home’s problem areas and look for more innovative ways to deal with the clutter. For instance, see if you can place your PC’s power strip in a basket under your desk.

You can conceal the other strips behind house decorations or inside the drawers. Moreover, you can detangle those wires, and make use of a cord organizer to line them around pieces of furniture neatly.

  1. Skipping Labels

Inside a home, bins are great as long as they have specific labels and are space-efficient. You can try to give a little bit of extra space, but don’t just throw in something that’s mismatch just because there’s still enough room. Having labels will keep you organized and avoid putting mismatched items on a single container.

  1. Filling The Refrigerator With Notes

While it’s a lot of fun decorating your fridge, filling it with notes can also your kitchen look more cluttered than it is. If you don’t want to get rid of those magnets and notes entirely, you can limit the number of magnets that you put on a given time.

Ideally, choose the ones that create a more uniform effect. The same thing goes out for notes, see to it to hang one magnet pad that suits the entire look of your kitchen.

  1. Over-Accessorizing

Keep in mind that whenever you’re styling shelves and tables, always group everything into other odd numbers such as three or seven.) See to it that it has a precise focal point with a lot of white space.

If you want to keep things interesting, you can group specific objects in varying heights. Also, if you have a square-table, you can position it at a 45-degree angle.

  1. Your Wall Art Looks Disorderly

One of the primary ways you can make a room chaotic is by placing a random piece of artwork inside the space. It’s vital to pick pieces that correctly scale with the wall you’re putting it on. For instance, to put a bit that’s too small can make it look random. Meanwhile, placing an artwork that’s too big can make space appear too small and cluttered.

It’s also crucial to choose a piece that connects with something spatially inside the room. Ideally, your art has to have a connection with something. If you have a five-foot sofa, then choose a four-foot-tall painting.

  1. Shopping Without A Plan

It’s not advisable to go all out with shopping without taking into consideration the stock that you already have. Chances are, you’ll likely end up frustrated because you bought stuff you hardly needed.

A smart way to avoid this is to declutter first and figure out the items that you need. Once you’ve already figured out a plan, it’s easier to determine these things from the get-go rather than guessing. It’s also more convenient for you to organize everything because you already know what you don’t need.

  1. Cluttered Shelving

Filling in bookcases and shelves makes it look excessively disorganized and messy. So why not trim them down, and leave out extra space for some of these items to breathe? You might have a soft spot for them, but knick-knacks and other collectibles can make a room more cluttered than it is. By grouping items together and trimming down the shelving makes everything look uniform.

The Bottomline

By these simple yet practical tips, you’ll have more control over the things that might be stressing you out, as you gain a better start in organizing your home.


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