9 Services You Can Offer For Home Maintenance


Home Maintenance

Houses are expensive. You have to pay a big amount when buying and your expenses don’t stop there. You still have to spend a lot of money to maintain them. It is not just limited to cleaning the house. To ensure it remains livable, homeowners have to invest a lot of money every year.

This is why people buy a house that they can easily afford to maintain. Some people know that they can get a big house when they get a large sum of money through inheritance or another way, but they choose not to because it would be too difficult to maintain.

First, there are taxes and mortgages that everyone considers, but there are also many other services they need. You can provide one or more of those services that every homeowner needs and start your own business. Here I’ve some most commonly required services for home maintenance.

Changing Air Filters

Pollution is on the rise. Unless you live in a country area, you see a lot of dust and pollution in the air. It also gets inside the houses and damages our lungs. There are many health issues linked to the quality of air that should not be ignored.

This is why homeowners have air purifiers in their homes and offices. We get them in our cars with the AC, so we are safe when traveling. Our houses are supposed to be safer. Air purifiers do a great job, but their filters have to be changed every few months.

Getting HVAC Services

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the most commonly needed service. It is also a basic need of every household. We wouldn’t be able to survive the extreme weather if it weren’t for the HVAC services. We install ACs and other ventilation systems to control the climate inside the house. It’s essential to keep them up to date.

A layman can’t do anything to service or repair these things. That’s why they need professional services. You can also offer HVAC installation and repair services. You can provide a great service by installing the best quality HVAC line sets in their houses. They will be satisfied with your service and refer you to others.

Pesticide Controlling

No matter how sealed a house is, insects make their way in somehow. Insects are unhygienic and cause lead to many diseases. They must not be in any home, especially when there are kids. Using insect killer powder or something like that is only a temporary solution.

It’s not easy to get rid of them once they get inside a house. They lay eggs and keep multiplying at a speed a normal can’t control. That’s when they have to call the pesticide control service. Once they have sprayed the house, there will be no more insects. The only thing left to do will be to keep them out.

Structural Auditing

A house starts to wear and tear with time. Any structural issues can be costly. Homeowners can avoid that expense if they catch the problem before it becomes very serious. They need someone with technical knowledge to conduct a structural audit of the house and tell them if there are any issues.

These issues include the roof, foundation of walls, and other electrical and plumbing issues. If the issue is not very big, it can be sorted with a few little tricks. You can provide the auditing service and help people identify serious issues on time.

New Paints For Walls

New Paints For Walls

Paint wears off with time no matter what you do. If it doesn’t fall off, it loses its brightness and shine. This is a severe problem for humid areas. The paint doesn’t stick for long, even if they get weather paint.

The paint and painting service is not very expensive, but it’s not cheap. There is a good profit margin in this industry. Consider getting into this field. You won’t need any technical training or knowledge for this.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

People install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors only once a few years. However, their batteries have to be changed every few months. This is also a big industry. While the detectors might not cost as much, installing them is not something easy. You can offer installation services and sell batteries. If you can find a good wholesaler, you can also sell the detectors with a profit margin.

Cleaning The Chimneys

Chimneys get dirty with time. They have to be cleaned, or the house starts to smell. It can also cause a fire in the house. While anyone can clean the house, the chimney is not exactly easy. They need someone to climb up the chimney and thoroughly clean it. The person gets tired inside, and it’s difficult to breathe in there. This is why this service also pays well. You don’t necessarily have to do it yourself. Look for work and hire employees to do it.

Check Fridge Coils And Radiators

The coils of the fridge are essential to ensure it keeps cooling. If it doesn’t work and the food can go bad inside it. This is why they have to be checked, repaired, or replaced every few months. Likewise, radiators are an essential item of the house. Radiators have to be checked because they can become a danger for every person in the house. If it malfunctions, it won’t do its job, and it can also blast in the worst-case scenario.

Keeping The Gutters Flowing

Everyone hates blocked gutters because they spread smell all around the house. The dirty water gets out and spreads everywhere. Sometimes, it’s the leaves from trees around the house that can get inside the pipelines and block, and sometimes there can be other issues.

Either way, no homeowner is ready to touch the gutters. They call a professional to ensure the gutter keeps flowing. You can offer this service as this happens more often than one might think. Learn how to do this job and start offering it in your local neighborhood.

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