9 Top Home Décor Gifts For Your Friends And Family


Home Decor Gifts

Home décor does not get enough credit in our view. Yet, day-to-day, most of us don’t realize the impact that home décor has on how we feel, how we are motivated, and how we define ourselves. Décor is more than filling a room with something we find unique, engaging, and inspiring. It is also about identifying and defining who we are as people.

If you’re buying home décor gifts, whether it’s for a friend or family member, think of what’s unique and beautiful about them. It might be their humor or worldliness, artistic way or abstract thinking, or their maturity and constantly thriving to be better. There are things about your friends or family you may not realize you know. Try to use these items to represent them in a gift.

Décor doesn’t always make for an easy gift. The last thing you want is to buy a gift recipient something they’re going to put in a box, toss in a closet, or not put on display. So optimize your gift-giving success and read on. Here are the top home décor gifts for friends and family.

  1. Clock

Clocks used to be a permanent fixture in every home, but not as common today. Nevertheless, they make great décor gifts for homeowners. A custom wall clock is an attention-grabber when set in the right spot of a living room, dining room, or kitchen.

  1. Fabric

Fabric can range from a tapestry to embroidered. It can be presented as uniquely decorative, such as curtains, wall art, or draping across an empty area in the home. Fabric can be a flag, a celebrity figure, a sports team logo, or an abstract work of art.

  1. Throws

A person can’t have too many throws. A new throw styled to a person’s particular interests can be the perfect home décor gift. You don’t want to give something tacky that the recipient will not use. Be sure to choose a pattern, a solid color, or something minimalism-inspired so that the throw sees its fair share of attention.

  1. Unique Lights

If the recipient has a work-from-home desk, a professional yet unique desk lamp is a great gift. If they pride themselves on what they do in the kitchen and dining room, you can buy unique lighting fixtures. There are also LED string lights that can look extraordinarily romantic, fun, or calming in a bedroom.

  1. Small Storage

Storage organizers aren’t just practical. Even small storage containers can be incredibly stylish. The options include jewelry, a watch, or accessory boxes for arts and crafts. In addition, a storage box is a great way to display a prized collection. If the recipient has mementos they take pride in, these boxes can create a unique display for the gift-giving occasion.

  1. Crystals And Rocks

While not everyone believes in crystals, this doesn’t mean the gemstones and rocks don’t carry meaning. If you want to make a heartfelt impression, buy your gift recipient an accent-ready crystal and tell them the story behind the rock and why it applies to them. The thoughtfulness behind your gift will weigh in meaning.

  1. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a spectacular way to display gorgeous décor. They can be made with cardboard, colored paper, or other items inexpensively. For proper home décor, geometric shapes are found in vases, planters, cups, or sculptures. They are also applicable in animal figurines, hanging decorations, salt and pepper shakers, and more. Try to find a relatively simple shape that isn’t going to be too far out there.

  1. Candle Holders

Classic candles add a calming atmosphere to the home. They are just as modern and luxurious as they are traditional and rustic. In the right candle holder, they add a majestic ambiance to the room. Customize the candle holder to the exact home décor aesthetic your friend or family member prefers. Try for a mounted candle holder or one you can hang from a hook for bonus points.

  1. Plant And Planter

A unique home décor gift combines two or more items into one, creating something magical. The right plant and planter is a stylish way to offer relaxation wrapped in eco-friendly greenery. So long as you know the person has a green thumb, plants are always a good gift.

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