A 8-Item Checklist For Cleaning A New Home


Home Cleaning

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience—a blank canvas for you to personalize and make your own. You get to decide what colors you’re going to paint, what furniture you’ll buy, and which design elements are most important to you. But before you start painting the walls and buying furniture, there’s one thing that needs to happen first: getting the house clean!

Some prefer to hire a home cleaning company like Maids 2 Match Dallas to do the task and take the headache out of moving to a new house. If you prefer to do it yourself, don’t worry! Here’s a list of necessary items and tips for cleaning your new home quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy living in your new space as soon as possible.

  1. Brooms

You’re going to want a broom even if you hire a cleaning service to take care of your new home for you. Brooms help sweep dirt and dust off the floor and into a dustpan. But make sure you get a stiff broom, not a soft one; otherwise, instead of sweeping lint and hair off the ground, it’ll merely push them around—a problem, especially if you have a carpeted floor.

  1. Dustpan

Whether or not you get a broom, you’ll need something to collect all the dirt and hair you gather. A dustpan works well for this purpose. You can get one that attaches to the broom, but, if possible, get a dustpan that connects directly to some wall mounts in your new home. Doing so allows you easy access to it when it’s needed.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Brooms and dustpans can take care of most of the messes in your home, but if your new home has carpeted floors, then you’re going to need a vacuum cleaner, too. Otherwise, all that dust and hair will collect on top of the carpet again. Plus, vacuums help clean furniture! They can also take care of spills or messes that might be easy to miss if you’re not looking closely with a broom and dustpan. So, ensure you have a vacuum cleaner in your checklist and that you know how to use it efficiently, so you can properly clean your new home.

  1. Rubber Gloves

A rubber glove is attached to the end of most brooms and mops, but why? It’s not merely an attachment—rubber gloves are meant for more than just keeping your hands clean! They protect the cleaner’s hands from harsher chemicals that could lead to irritation or infection. Include rubber gloves in your item checklist for cleaning your new home to protect your hands.

  1. Face Masks

Just as rubber gloves help protect a cleaner’s hands, face masks can provide additional protection for a cleaner’s lungs and respiratory system. Cleaning chemicals can cause irritation, coughing, and even respiratory diseases or infections if they’re breathed in too often or at high concentrations. Not only that, but many chemicals can be harmful if they come into contact with skin or eyes, so you must wear a face mask to remain safe while cleaning your new home.

  1. Mop

Having a dirty, dusty floor is not suitable for anyone—the dust mites can cause allergies or even asthma if you have sensitive airways, and the grime will make your home look unclean. To combat this, invest in a mop! But instead of buying one with the mop head attached, you may consider buying one with interchangeable mop heads instead. Also, make sure to purchase some buckets; otherwise, you’ll be squatting down and scrubbing your floors on your knees, which is not good for anyone’s back or knees.

  1. Scrub Brushes

Scrub brushes help get at difficult stains, dirt, or debris that has become stuck to the floor by being walked on over and over. Do yourself a favor and purchase one with an extension so you can scrub hard-to-reach places, like under furniture! Also, consider buying one of these in addition to your mop head if you have any cleaning tile or grout plan.

  1. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are specially designed to clean surfaces without extra cleaning chemicals. They’re effective at absorbing dirt and grime like a sponge but can also attach themselves directly to your new home’s walls or cabinets. If your home has any glass or mirrors, microfiber cloths can help clean them up in a pinch! The best part is that microfiber cloths can’t scratch surfaces, so they’re great for cleaning and dusting wood-based furniture.

Final Words

Moving into a new home is exciting! But, before you can move in and begin enjoying your new space, it’s vital to ensure that the place is clean. Cleaning supplies like brooms, dustpans, mops, scrub brushes, rags of all shapes and sizes, vacuum cleaners, and microfiber cloths are just some of the things you need to get your new home looking fresh and new again. So, check off each item on this checklist, and then enjoy living in your new space.


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