A Barbecue Buying Guide


Portable Barbecues

Interested in getting a barbecue? With so many on the market, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Will you go for gas, charcoal, or perhaps a hybrid bbq? Here’s a handy guide to make barbecue buying easier…

How Are You Going To Use It?

When choosing the type of barbecue you’re going to get, it will completely depend on what you’ll be using the appliance for, when you’ll use it, and how often…

  1. Portable Barbecues

Do you plan on traveling or barbecuing outside in public parks (if allowed)? If so, you’ll need a portable barbecue. This type of barbecue will also come in handy for occasional use at home and for small groups.

Portable barbecues are ideal for beginners and are easy to clean. They’ll be smaller, lighter, and therefore easier to move around. Even if you don’t travel with it, you can move it around your garden with little effort. They’re also better if you don’t have much space, so you’ll be able to put them away after use, perhaps storing it in the shed.

Portable barbecues are generally cheaper too, so consider one if:

  • You’re a beginner
  • You only barbecue occasionally
  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You only need it for small groups
  • You’ll take it on travels/outdoors
  • You don’t have a lot of space
  1. Bigger, Non-Portable Barbecues

If you want a barbecue to be used more regularly and at home, then the selection of barbecue models widens, and it also becomes more worthwhile to spend a bit more money on a bigger, better model. Of course, the ideal model for you all depends on your budget.

  1. Sizes, Features, And The Food You’ll Be Cooking

If money allows, and you’ll be cooking for large groups of people, you’ll likely want a bigger barbecue so you can cook multiple foods at once. You can choose from models with 3, 4, and 6 burners, the more, the merrier if you’re cooking many different types of food. If you’re just cooking burgers, then having more burners won’t matter as much.

Different models will also have extra features for more convenience, including racks to hang your tools, extra storage space, and shelves for placing or preparing food that isn’t currently on the grill. These features could save you from running backward and forward to the kitchen, as well as prevent you need to use an extra table to keep items on.

Types Of Barbecue And The Fuel They Use

You’ll also have to consider what type of fuel you’ll find better to use. Gas or charcoal? There are differences between the two…

  1. Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues can be more expensive but are more convenient to use. They include features that make barbecue life easier, such as:

  • Push button ignition, providing an instant flame and allowing you to start cooking quicker
  • Easier to cook food evenly, so no need to worry as there’s less risk of burning any of your meals
  • Don’t need to worry about cleaning and disposing of charcoal ash
  • Low maintenance
  • If you buy one with multiple burners, you can cook different foods at different temperatures, ideal if you’re planning a barbecue with variety.
  • Some gas barbecue models feature a warming rack to keep food at optimum temperature before serving.
  1. Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal barbecues are cheaper to run and provide that authentic barbecue look, smell, and taste. Perfect for enthusiasts, though you may find there is more to using them than gas barbecues.

They take longer to heat up before you can start cooking; you also have less control of the heat but can still adjust it by raising or lowering the grill.

Cleaning may be more effort; however, some models have a removable ash feature to make it easier.

  1. Hybrid Barbecues

The best of both worlds! You get the speed and convenience of a gas barbecue but the classic flavor of a charcoal model. If you don’t want to commit yourself to just one style of barbecuing, then a hybrid model is the way to go.

So What Will You Choose?

Now you know what to expect from each type of model. You can use both your preferences and your budget to help you decide. Whichever you choose, happy barbecuing!

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