A Basic Guide About Air Compressors


Air Compressors

Air Compressors are pivotal equipment for the industrial sector. An air compressor is a device that absorbs air at a lower pressure and converts it to potential energy to be stored in a tank or cylinder. This converted energy is stored to be used at a later time and could be kept for a very long time provided there is no exposure. Air compressors are available in a variety of sizes, pressure limits, and types. The central theme of this article is about air compressors and every aspect of the device, including maintenance. Let’s get started.

Models Of Air Compressors

Air compressors are designed in different models; single-stage, two-stage, or double air compressors.

Single Stage Air Compressor: This is also known as piston compressors. Single-stage air compressors are designed specifically to compress air using a single piston stroke into the connected cylinder. The compressor operates using an electrical or gas connection and comes with double cylinders. The first cylinder serves as the compressor, while the second is the storage space for the air. Most single-stage air compressors are stationary and suitable for long-term use. The application of this compressor is often in the gas and manufacturing industry for various purposes.

Double Stage Air Compressor: the double stage air compressor is similar to the single-stage air compressor. It is also known as the multi-stage or two-stage compressor. The only difference is that the double stage compressor compresses the air twice, which leads to increased pressure and efficiency during operation. The double compressor has two pistons, and the second is used for the compression at 175 PSI. After that, the air is left to cool down and transferred to the storage tank for later use. This compressor is often applied to heavy-duty equipment and machinery.

Steps To Ensuring Proper Air Compressor Maintenance

To ensure the device’s durability and proper functioning, it has to be appropriately handled and maintained periodically. Please refer to the following steps for maintenance of air compressors:

  • Understand The User’s Guide: the basic way to solve fundamental problems that may arise from air compressors, you have to understand the user’s guide well. Also, it is provided as a guide for installing the device.
  • Bolts And Nuts: another step to ensure air compressor maintenance ensures the proper tightening of bolts and nuts. The compressor’s continuous operation may lead to the loosening of some bolts and nuts, which may affect or damage the device. Therefore, you have to periodically check the bolts and tighten them when necessary.
  • Hoses: hoses are bound to stretch and worn out after long exposure to high pressure; therefore, inspecting the hoses is necessary. When there is damage, replacing should be considered.
  • Air Filter: the air filter is designed to sieve out dirt and contaminants from the passing air. Therefore it is prone to get blocked after a long operation time. However, as the filter sieves dirt, it weakens and reduces productivity; therefore, changing from time to time is important.
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