A Beginner’S Guide To Living Room Decoration


Some people naturally have an excellent eye for design and decorating, but if you are like most people, you need to learn the skills if you want your living room to look great. Whether you are moving to a new home or you want a new look, a few basic techniques can take you a long way. Start by looking at photos online to help you figure out your decorating style. Once you have that in check, apply these simple design tips.

  1. Identifying Your Houses Focal Point

Identifying Your Houses Focal Point

This is the first step in having a great living room design. A focal point is mostly the most emphasized feature of your living room. When you come home, it’s the first thing your eyes will naturally move to. For most houses, this could be a fireplace or a large open window. To create a visually tasteful design, you want everything in the room to compliment your focal point. If your house doesn’t have a defined focal point, you can create one by having accent walls, a statement artwork, or buying statement-furniture.

  1. Choose Your Furniture

Living Room Furniture

Choosing your furniture will depend on where your focal point is, your design style, and the colors you are going for. Visit your local store and identify what you need then use a truck to take everything home. While most stores can handle transport for you, hiring a truck ensures you get your furniture back the same day instead of relying on the store’s timetable. It also makes it easier for you to buy and transport other decorative pieces from different stores without your car doing the heavy lifting.

Arranging furniture is a common problem most people face. In most instances, you are tempted to push your sofa against a wall, set it against another, and you are done. While this works for most people, you need to do a little more planning for your living room to stand out. Using your focal point, create a conversation area where your guests will gather.

  1. Use Basic Measurement Rules

Basic Measurement

There are basic measurement rules you need to keep in mind. For instance, you need to keep your coffee table at least 15 to 18 inches from your sofa while your art should be 56 to 60 inches from the floor. Art should also be less than 2/3 of your sofa size if you decide to spruce up the wall behind your sofa. Leave at least 5 to 9 inches between the couch and the art. If you plan to have a tv, multiply the diagonal size of your screen by two to find the viewing distance. That is, how far your tv should be from your sitting area. Your sofa either rests on all four corners of your rug or be at least 12-18 inches away.

When decorating, most people start with painting, which ends up confusing them along the way. It’s always advisable to choose your paint color last after you have bought all the expensive items. This way, you can choose a paint color based on them instead of the other way around.

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