A Beginner’s Guide To Perimeter Security For Homeowners In 2022


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Our home is a place where we belong!

It is our solace at the end; it is a place of utmost comfort, and most importantly, it is a place of safety. So it is very natural for us to desire iron safety for our home. Although we cannot put iron doors, there is still a lot that we can do.

If you are a new homeowner and planning to make your home a haven, security must be a priority. The concept of safety can be a little intimidating at first, especially if you live in a house and not an apartment.

The thought won’t be scary if you have the right preparation. Perimeter security becomes a crucial factor when you own a home with a garden and a backyard. The excerpt below will have the best beginner’s guide to perimeter safety for homeowners.

What Is Perimeter Security?

As someone who has just purchased their first house, you might not be familiar with the terms used in house security.

The security system inside your home is at the top because this ensures that burglars or intruders are not able to enter the house. But, what about the outside area? So, perimeter security is nothing but the security measures taken to monitor the safety of the physical area.

This will essentially detect the intruder before it reaches the main door.

This is something that should be implemented in every household. This could be life-saving in critical times. Click https://smiththompson.com/security-systems-san-antonio/ to get the best security equipment for perimeter security.

These Are Some Of The Best Practises Ensuring Perimeter Security

Using just one camera outside the door to monitor the entire boundary is not enough. There are camera blind spots, side boundaries, and not to mention backyard, which has no security. Therefore, here are the practices you should adopt to get better home perimeter security.

  1. Get High Walls

Intruders find it easier to target homes that do not have a boundary, and it is understandably the easiest target. You can protect your house from so many dangers by simply putting a high concrete wall.

Not too high that it makes you isolated from the entire world, but high enough so that it is difficult to climb. Especially, people who have long driveways should think about this.

It is a common myth that intruders only attack at night. There have been many cases of burglary recorded in the proper daylight. There are children who love to play in the backyard during the daytime, and constant supervision cannot be possible. Therefore, this security system will also ensure their safety.

  1. Motion Sensor

This is an ingenious invention of mankind that has proved to save a lot of houses from sudden burglary. Stalkers and followers are also a big concern for women staying alone nowadays; that’s why you need to prioritize your perimeter security.

Sometimes outside security measures are not that effective, and the intruder is still able to jump inside your garden. The motion sensor will save you some precious time in situations like this. You will be immediately alerted of the movements outside, if there are any, at any point of the day.

Some motion sensor notifications can be installed in the cellular device. In this way, you can even see any suspicious activity outside your house when you are not there. This will help you become better prepared and have enough time to call for help.

This smart technology allows 360-degree protection of your perimeters.

  1. Motion Sensor Camera

These are other great inventions to keep intruders at bay. These are cameras that move and capture the motion—making it difficult for anyone to come inside with the attempt of hiding.

Whenever there is movement, the camera will capture it and make it known to the people inside the house either through an alarm system or a notification through the phone. So the homeowners will be able to see the person coming before they reach the house gate.

Through motion cameras, you can decide whether you want to open the door or not.

  1. A Garage Gate

A garage generally leads to the house, and there have been many cases recorded where the intruder was able to enter the house with an open garage. Open garages are okay when working on them, but they should have a proper security system.

Have a camera or alarm system installed to the door leading to the house. Plus, have an unbreakable gate for the garage. This is also to protect your car.

The same can be said for backdoors since most of the time, proper safety measures are not taken. Ensure that motion detectors and cameras should also be installed at the backdoor as these are favorite places for intruders to enter.

  1. Dogs

Not saying that you should keep your dog out in the cold at night, but building a nice warm kennel for them in the yard can do the job. Dogs are intimidating, and they are natural protectors of the homeowners.

A hunter-breed dog could do wonders when it comes to making the house perimeter much more secure. You can have a nice companion, and it can protect you simultaneously.

That being said, if you are not a big fan of keeping your dogs outside, then that’s fine too since no intruder can enter the house, with your buddy with sharp claws and fangs guarding the gate.

Final Note

Home security is a big concern when living alone or with small children. You have to think about your safety and safety because they are defenseless.

Therefore, taking these home security measures can ensure protection for the perimeter. Other than these, having cameras covering all ground and an alarm system for your windows and gate can be something you can start with.

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