A Bespoke Kitchen – The Best And Most Cost Effective Solution


Redesigning a home is a complicated and lengthy process, which takes a lot of time, money, and mental energy. As practice shows, people face the majority of their issues when it’s time to choose a new kitchen. That’s understandable; picking the wrong color of a sofa’s upholstery, which doesn’t fit your new timber floor, is disappointing. However, this is easily remedied in comparison with the situation if you have purchased furniture you dislike when installed or assembled. It will merely annoy you for years, and you will regret the complete waste of time and effort you put in, not forgetting your savings invested.

Buying bespoke kitchen furniture is the best solution that helps you avoid such an unpleasant situation. Also, It excludes the possibility that any new cabinetry will not fit a couple of inches to the size of the kitchen.

What Is A Bespoke Kitchen?

What Is A Bespoke Kitchen?

It is a set of kitchen units designed exclusively for your needs and requirements. First of all, a customer can have any design; even if it’s something that people may think sounds crazy, experienced manufacturers can bring this idea to life. Also, if you like to have the Round Table mentioned in the legend of King Arthur, it is possible. Only two points can limit you: the size of the room and budget you are ready to spend.

Now, let’s talk seriously, and list the features and advantages you will have in comparison to mass production kitchen furniture:

  • There is no standard sizing that means kitchen units will perfectly fit your room, even if you have a non-standard home or design.
  • All furniture created is made of materials you want to see. Furniture can be made from wood, aluminum, plastic, or any other material according to your wish list.
  • You can choose any kitchen configuration and use the whole palette of colors. For example, it can be a mix of modern and contemporary styles.
  • Designers create a unique concept for each project.

Cost Of Bespoke Kitchens

Cost Of Bespoke Kitchens

A price range on bespoke designer kitchens starts from £15,000 and can climb to £60,000 and more. The price changes depending on your preferences and requirements, area of your kitchen, materials that will be used, and the complexity of your design. Word of advice, from the start, describe the limit of your budget you wish to spend on the kitchen during the first meeting with a designer responsible for your project. They will help you get the results you want and points to areas where you can save money and where you shouldn’t.

When you have decided on all aspects of your kitchen design, we highly recommend asking for a written quote with a list of the work, materials, timeline, etc. You should arrange this due to some manufacturers like to provide client estimations only, and experience has shown that the final price could be much higher.

How To Choose The Best Bespoke Kitchen Company?

Best Bespoke Kitchen Company

The choice of the manufacturer is equally as essential as the choice of the design. The best situation is when you meet a company in which somebody you trust recommends them to you.

There are a few points which will help you to find a reliable company:

  1. Ask your friends, colleagues, or relatives. Maybe someone knows reliable manufacture with experienced designers and skillful craftsmen.
  2. Check reviews of the company on the external sources, not on their websites.
  3. At the first meeting with the designer, ask to look at the results of their previous projects, of course, if this is at all possible. At least ask for photos of their completed kitchens.
  4. Pay attention to how a designer is involved in your ideas. If he agrees with all that you say, it could mean you need to look at another company. Usually, we already have an image of our perfect and inspired kitchen design. But, if it’s realized, this type of kitchen could be extremely inappropriate to perform its primary functions. Good designers have experience in creating numerous concepts of bespoke kitchens. Their job is to create a solution on how to unite your imagination with a healthy mind and practical solutions.
  5. The most practical and straightforward advice is to go to Murdoch Troon Kitchens. This company has been creating kitchen units for many years and cares about their clients, not just by saying, “yes, you’re right,” but by really giving you an insight into what you can have and will work for your available space. All of their products are handmade; every cabinet, cupboard, or islands are masterpieces. Kitchens from MurdochTroon Kitchens are functional, reliable, stylish, and make the cooking process optimized and a comfortable place to spend time in.

Bespoke Kitchen Design Ideas

Bespoke Kitchen Design Ideas

We will not give you concrete ideas on how to choose the best design, because we do not know what configuration you prefer or how much of a budget you have. However, we can tell you where you can find ideas for inspiration. The search engines, as well as social networks, are the perfect places to find references for your design. Select photos with solutions you liked, and take them to the first meeting with your designer. These little preparations help you comprehensively explain what you are looking for.

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