A Brief On Foundation Damage And Foundation Repair


Foundation Repair

People build a house intending to get secure from different human-made and natural disasters. A house keeps our family and us safe from any outside dangers. A shelter is one of the most important necessities of life. We build our dream home to enjoy a happy and secure life. Just building the house and staying in it for years is not enough; a person must maintain and repair the house regularly to make the house longer.

When the house starts to become old, one of the most important issues is its weakening. So foundation repair is a mandatory task for every house owner. It is the house owner who is responsible for repairing the house. Ignoring a defective foundation can put you and your family in huge danger from where it is impossible to come out. Let’s discuss it in brief.

What Is Foundation Repair?

It is considered a nightmare for house owners because it involves a lot of work if delayed. The need for foundation repairing arises when there is damage to the foundation of a home, building, or structure. This type of damage is required to be repaired as soon as possible, or else it can affect the house’s lifespan. The house’s foundation needs repairing at regular intervals, so living there isn’t risky at all.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

The most common reason that causes foundation damage is water. The foundation of a house or structure starts moving from its original place when the soil components of that particular area begin to either swell or shrink due to the presence of moisture in that area.

Foundation damage also occurs when the area that surrounds the house is facing a defective drainage system for the last many years. Plumbing leaks below the house or structure can cause foundation damage or any natural disasters like earthquakes and floods have the ability to destroy the foundation of a house.

Effects Of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage is considered a serious issue that can’t get ignored for the sake of people living in the house. It causes damage to infrastructure, loss in real estate value, malfunction of equipment, and cracks. All these damages indirectly affect the house’s lifespan and make it unsafe for living purposes. So it is always recommendable to execute the foundation repair task as soon as possible. It would be a good idea to hire a professional foundation repair Corpus Christi to get the job done.

Symptoms Of Foundation Damage

To know that the house is suffering from foundation damage, a house owner has to identify the following symptoms:

  • Cracked bricks
  • Cracked foundation
  • Cracked walls
  • Cracked floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Bulging floors
  • Separation around windows or walls
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Sticking doors

Types Of Foundation Repairing

The options are available for repairing the foundation depending on geographical area, site conditions, etc. Here is the list of some of the options that are available for repairing the foundation:

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is considered a specialist technology that is used for repairing concrete. In this, any sunken piece of a concrete slab gets lifted by pumping some substance through the concrete, which helps lift it effectively.

Steel Piering

Steel piercing is a process of driving many steel pipe pilings to correct the structure or house’s position and repair its foundation. Steel piercing gets commonly used in cases where the structure tends to move in a downward direction. Along with the steel piers, a hydraulic lifting system is used to lift the structure to correct its elevation, thus making the foundation strong as before.

Sealant Repairs

Sealant repairs are considered the most typical way of fixing the foundations which are damaged. This is a relatively straightforward process. The process usually includes caulking and filling in using hydraulic cement.

Helical Tieback Anchors

Helical tieback anchors are a process that is used to fix walls that are leaning and bowing. In this process, the anchors get attached to the interior portion of the wall. The walls get straightened when the anchors apply force or tension on them. This is a very famous method of fixing the walls of a house. Many house owners opt for this method because of its effectiveness.


Foundation repair is very important for maintaining the core strength of the house. A house without a proper foundation is considered unsafe for people, so it is always recommendable to repair the house’s foundation whenever the need arises.

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