A Buying Guide On Different Types Of Garage Doors


Insulated Sectional Steel Garage Doors

What is the more important thing in the house? (With an architectural point of view!) It’s exterior. Why? Because people are going to notice it first. Is your garage door disturbing the curb appeal of your beautifully designed house? If yes, then probably you thought of garage doors as a ‘not so important aspect for exteriors.’

Let’s get this clear; everyone is going to have an equal glance at your garage as well as the front door. Chances are, you have already realized that, and now you wish to have it installed. However, do you know what the biggest challenge for doing so is? Deciding on one particular type of garage doors from options available!

It is a bit tough task if you don’t know anything about them, read this blog, and pick the one you think will suit your garage.

Always keep one thing in mind, when you hire someone for installation or buy it from an online store, it should have the following options as well as genuineness in the product and service, such as SD Garage Doors.

This company has been supplying and repairing the garage doors in Scotland for over 25 years, and have many happy clients.

Types of Garage Doors to Opt For:

  1. Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors have two styles, one is retractable, and another is a canopy. Both of them have their benefits and come with both manual & automated usage.

Retractable doors are one piece overhead doors that will swing out and up when opened and will rest inside the garage completely, whereas canopy will swingout up and over, leaving one-third of the garage door outside.

Retractable doors need much space for working while canopy won’t; the only common thing between them is hard-to-use. If you are going for automated then, there is no door as easy as this for opening, but if it’s manual, then the case is opposite.

Many of the car owners opt for retractable up and over doors due to its modernity and safety functions; it comes with smart locks and systems that won’t hurt you while opening.

  1. Roller Garage Doors

Another super cool option is roller doors. If you want to use the ceiling area of the garage for lighting or even a storage purpose, roller garage doors are there for you. These are the safest and easy to use doors; you can get them both in manual and automatic (or a mixture of both).

While getting these doors, make sure it has a safety brake mechanism already installed. The roll-up garage doors will consume less space as the door will retract in a box installed above. These are made of narrow steel and aluminum panels.

  1. Side Hinged Garage Doors

You already have a hinged door installed and now want to change it? Go for the double-leaf side-hinged door. They provide a traditional and stylish outlook to the area. These doors are in demand due to its easy-to-use and functional quality.

These doors can be made from steel, aluminum, wood, or any material with several color finish options. Side-hinged garage doors also have the manual and automatic options with smart lock mechanism. These doors open outside to have more indoor space.

  1. Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors have the most secure and superior design. They are pretty much the dream door for everyone. As its name suggests, it goes upward in sections and rests inside the garage (beneath the ceiling).

It Is fully automated and has high-level insulation due to its design. These doors have a sandwich cladding consisting of two steel panels on side and foam in between, which also makes it durable for the years to come.

These doors have a safety mechanism that reverses the door when it senses the object. Plus, it has vertical frames and sealing on all sides, making it fully insulated. The frame is installed inside the garage so that it won’t hinder the drive-through area.

  1. Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors

This one is also a type of sectional door – the side sliding garage doors are the easiest open yo operate and provides high-level insulation as it has rubber insulation on all its side. Whether you go for a manual or automatic one, its operation is as simple as a sliding window.

The door guide should be tough enough to tolerate repeated runovers. If you choose the automatic one, many of these doors have a wicket door function, which allows you to open it to a certain point for the incoming and outgoing two-wheelers. This door provides hindrance-free access to the people.

Create A Curb Appeal With Garage Doors:

Curb Appeal

Garage doors can improve the curb appeal of the house, plus it will also protect your vehicles from getting any kind of damage. Whether you have a repair problem with your current garage door or want to change it off, the SD garage door will do it with perfection. Select the one that goes well with your house’s personality and your car’s too.

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