A Complete Guide For Swimming Pool Domes

On March 19, 2019 by Himanshu Shah

Nothing can beat the idea of owning your swimming pool during summer. Having an oasis in your backyard is indeed a dream come true! It not only advances the appearance of your house but it also increases its value as well. However, to fully enjoy your swimming pool you should improvise it by adding a pool dome or pool enclosure. However, what exactly are pool domes?

What Are Pool Domes?

Pool domes or pool enclosures are the structures that encircle your swimming pools. Pool domes are a framework of tubular structures, which are usually covered with fabric, glass or plastic sheets. It is a rigid framework which is used to cover the swimming pool area. Moreover, adding swimming pool enclosures will increase the area of your pool, and it turns from a simple outdoor pool to your secluded indoor oasis, which you can enjoy throughout the year and invite your guests too. Having a swimming pool in your home gives an overall wealthy appeal to your place.

Types Of Pool Domes/ Pool Enclosures:

There are many types of pool domes depending on the material they use and the mechanism on which they operate. The three most common types of pool domes are:

Flat Enclosures:

Flat Swimming Pool

These pool enclosures are the most cost-effective ones. They are just like pool covers made up of glass or transparent plastic sheets. Whenever you want to use your pool you just need to retract the dome of your pool and Voila! Your pool is all good to use. These types of enclosures are precisely the size of your pool and are put in on the edges of your swimming pool.

Low Profile Pool Enclosures:

Low Profile Pool

These pool domes are low heightened making them suitable for pool covers. With this type of pool domes, you can create a slightly raised roof for your swimming pool. You can easily swim in your pool, but you can’t stand in it as the height is very low. These domes are well suited for using your swimming pool in winters and hot summers because the weather conditions will not affect you.

Standing Pool Enclosures:

Free Standing Pool

With these enclosures, your pool area can transform into your summer living room. These pool enclosures completely cover the area surrounding the swimming pool. You can use anything you want to create this enclosure from glass to plastic sheets or even wood. If you’re going to make your swimming pool area look exceptional, then this is the pool enclosure that you should get. The most exquisite swimming pool enclosures that you can get are the glass enclosures; these enclosures are like a glass room made on the sides of your pool.

Benefits Of Having A Pool Dome/Pool Enclosure:

Pool Enclosure

Swimming pool enclosures are well suited for outdoor pools. There are several benefits of having a pool dome/enclosure. The benefits of having an enclosure for your pool:

Lessens The Effect Of Sunlight:

Effect Of Sunlight

Swimming pools are usually built in open areas that receive an immense amount of sunlight. However, if you install a pool dome or enclosure, you will be able to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Pool enclosures not only covers your swimming pools but also provides shade to you during the hot months. Moreover, because of an enclosure the tanning effect of the sun also reduces.

Enclosures Are Children And Pets Friendly:

Children And Pets Friendly Pool Domes

With small kids and pets in your home swimming pool enclosures are indeed a blessing in disguise. Little kids and pets are the ones who seem to be most interested in discovering what’s inside the swimming pool. It’s really dangerous if they go on wandering alone in the pool area without any adult supervision. The results can be drastic, resulting in serious injuries. As far as your pets are concerned if it’s your cat or dog, then they can somehow manage to get out of the pool but in case of rabbits, etc. it won’t be the case. On that hand, if you have covered your pool with an enclosure, then you can be tension free because no one will be able to go near the pool without your consent. Therefore, installing pool domes or enclosures make your swimming pools secure for your children and pets.

Makes Your Backyard Spacious:

Backyard Spacious Pool Domes

Having a swimming pool in the backyard of your home is like an extension of your house. It makes your house look and appeals broader and roomier. Also, with a swimming pool, if you add a pool enclosure, it will convert your pool into your outdoor summer living room. You can now easily use your pool enclosure for entertaining your guests, holding pool parties, get-togethers, etc.

Less Chemicals:

Less Chemicals Water Pool

You must be accustomed to the use of chlorine for cleaning the water of your swimming pool. However, one thing that you don’t know is that when direct sunlight falls on the surface of pool water, the chlorine in the water burns which reduces its quantity in the pool water. Due to this, you have to add chlorine in your pool’s water regularly. Regular usage of chemical isn’t only expensive, but it’s dangerous for your health also. However, if you have built a pool enclosure, it will not only help in reducing your chemical charges but will also assist in keeping insects away from your pool. Moreover, when you use a pool enclosure or dome your expenditures on chemicals and cleaning are reduced a lot.

Privacy And Protection:

Privacy And Protection Pool Domes

The noteworthy disadvantages of having a swimming pool in your backyard are privacy and protection. The main problems that many pools owners face are the gawking neighbors who stalk you from their yards. It feels like there is no secrecy at all the best solution to this problem is by installing some kind of swimming pool enclosure or doom on your swimming pool. When you have a pool enclosure, you don’t have to worry about stalking neighbors or passing by people, and you can be sure that your pool area is secure even when it is not in use.

Low Maintenance:

Low Maintenance

Pool enclosures reduce the usually required cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. It is because of swimming pool enclosures that the amount of debris, fallen leaves, twigs, bugs also reduce. The reason is the lack of exposure to clear skies and the outside environment.


As you can comprehend from the information as mentioned above swimming pool enclosures are really helpful if you consider having one. Not only they beautify your pool area, but they also ensure the safety of your children from any unseen accident. If you want your swimming pool standout from the rest of your friends, then we suggest that you should consider getting a unique swimming pool enclosure. Moreover, for any suggestions regarding the decor of your home do visit mydecorative.

Happy Swimming!

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