A Complete Guide To Bathroom Renovation Toronto


Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom isn’t a simple task, particularly if you take it as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. To ensure that everything is according to your plan, it’s best to work with professionals from renovationrm.ca. With professionals, you won’t only achieve a bathroom with functional space, but also, you’ll be able to have a beautiful design and style for your bathroom.

Usually, many Canadian homeowners envision a bathroom that offers them their spa to soak in the bathtub after a long day. If this is something you prefer or you want a unique style, it’s never impossible to achieve with bathroom renovation experts.

However, before you choose the newest bathtub or tile design for your Toronto bathroom, there are several things you should consider. Since bathroom renovation can be costly, overwhelming, and time-consuming, here’s a complete guide to getting the best possible results.

  • Set A Budget

One of the biggest pitfalls of many homeowners is starting a bathroom renovation project without allocating a budget. In the long run, to avoid any inconvenience, make sure to work upon how much you’re planning to spend on the project. If you have no clue about the cost of bathroom renovations, you can search through different websites online or read helpful information like https://easyrenovation.ca/bathroom-renovation-cost-toronto/.

Having a budget can help direct you to make different decisions, such as what to include in your renovation. Once you’ve determined how much you can spend and lessen the expenses intended for labor, you’ll have a clear idea of the amount you can spend on extras, tile, and fixtures.

  • Look For Ideas

Before you start your bathroom renovation project, look for sources of inspiration or ideas. Browse through the catalogs and magazines about renovations and tear out the pages that catch your eyes. Use the Internet to research various bathroom designs and styles.

If you have unique ideas and want to try out different bathroom decoration ideas, make sure to work with a designer to make your dream concept a reality. You can also ask for recommendations or suggestions on what works best for your preferred design.

  • Hire A Professional Builder

A home bathroom renovation project might need the help of professionals, such as a plumber, an electrician, a tiler, and a builder, to ensure its success. You might also need a decorator or plasterer. Several builders can carry out all the necessary work in the fitting of bathrooms. If you use builders who can manage and oversee your renovation project, they can coordinate and hire the trades for you.

There are some scenarios where using builders to manage your bathroom renovation is the best approach out there. One of these is installing everything from scratch, which is often the case with big projects where new bathtubs or vanity countertops are needed to be installed.

Bathroom Renovation Project

  • Pay Attention To Your Bathroom Design

In terms of bathroom design, there are various factors to examine. Other than the aesthetics, you have to ensure that the design is also functional.

These days, bathrooms are believed to be more elaborate and luxurious than ever before. With the countless designs available, choosing the right one can be a little daunting.

To develop a functional and aesthetically appealing design, go back to the reasons you wanted to start renovating your bathroom. It would help if you also considered your lifestyle and what you wish to improve with your current bathroom. Will it be for your kids or your private retreat? Also, consider the number of people using the bathroom as its core functionality.

With such factors in mind, you’ll be equipped to decide if a contemporary bathroom design is best for you or if a traditional design is a better option. The overall design of your bathroom can add value and functionality to your home. Hence, it’s a critical consideration that you should never neglect when renovating your bathroom.

  • Choose The Best Materials

Planning a bathroom renovation requires more details than you might think. You have many customization and design ideas, but they might need a new set of textures and materials.

Ensure that your preferred products will meet your renovation needs. This is particularly true when choosing waterproofing materials, tile flooring, backsplash, cabinets, lighting, bathtubs, bath and sink fixtures, and countertops.

When shopping around for materials, settle with brands known for their quality, durability, and affordability. However, if some of your required bathroom materials are expensive, determine if they’re worth your investment or look for cheaper alternatives.

  • Consider Your State’s Building Regulations

Depending on your bathroom layout, you’ll likely require services including waste, electrics, and plumbing connected. But, if you’re upgrading your bathroom fixtures and fittings, you might need extra pipework or wiring or for the other services to be rerouted.

While replacing old faucets won’t require local city building regulations, adding a new one or relocating a bathroom will. Likewise, electrical work around and near wet areas, such as showers and baths, will have to conform to the building regulations as any work that expands or alters the existing drainage systems.


Bathroom renovation may seem to be a great DIY project, but it’s something that should be left with professionals. Even if it’s an extra expense to hire professionals for the job, you can be assured that you’ll get the results you want. If you’re confused about where to get started, the guide above will surely be of great help.

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