A Complete Guide To Keep Your Concertina Doors In The Best Condition


Like any other door type, concertina doors are also a type of passage in a home or a building that allows access to other regions of the house. This door type is also known as bi-fold doors that are in hot trend these days not just because of their fascinating appearance, but because they are a better alternative to traditional door solutions. As their other name, ‘bi-fold doors’ suggests, these are the doors that can be folded to save space. These doors come with a long list of advantages, including:

  • Concertina doors are considered as luxury products in the door market, yet they are a cost-effective door solution. They have taken the place of traditional doors in a way that they serve as a boon while adding beauty to the home.
  • These doors come with an innovative opening option. Their folding mechanism makes it a unique door solution and allows a homeowner to utilize the space for other purposes.
  • Not just for domestic purposes, but concertina doors are the best door solutions in the commercial arena. Their structural framework allows them to install at any place.

Although these doors come up with several exciting and valuable applications, they need some attention from a house owner. They are required to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that they serve their purpose and keep on providing luxury appearance to a place for a long time. The relaxing thing about maintaining concertina doors is that they can be easily maintained without splurging money. Even if you notice any issue with the door, it could be fixed easily.

Here Are Top Three Tips To Maintain These Doors With Minimal Efforts: 

  1. Clean Them

Concertina Doors

To ensure that the doors keep on serving their applications while maintaining a luxurious look at a place, it is necessary to clean them regularly. These doors do not need particular types of chemicals or equipment for the cleaning purpose, and their essential cleaning is sufficient. They are low maintenance door solutions, but it is necessary to clean them properly after a few months.

Water, soap, and vinegar are the best products to clean these doors. Do not clean with much force as it may lead to permanent damage.

  1. Pay Attention To Locks And Runners

Maintain Concertina Doors

Locks and runners are the prime parts of these doors and must be maintained to ensure that the doors are serving their purpose for a long time without requiring a costly service. To do that, you must lubricate the doors in all weathers. This must be done even if you are not using the concertina doors regularly. Also, you must check them at regular intervals to make sure that everything with their locks and runners is okay. If you notice any issue, even if it’s minor to see, you must take it seriously and try to fix it as soon as possible. If the lock is demanding to be changed, replace it with the best one after consulting an expert on the door solutions.

  1. Treat Gently

Concertina Doors

Although these doors are durable and robust, you must treat them gently to ensure their smooth working for a long time. Follow the designated mechanism while opening and closing the door. If there’s a problem while doing so, don’t apply force on it. Instead, contact an expert and fix the issue.

These are some simple yet essential tips for the maintenance of concertina doors to ensure the prolonged usage of doors without any interruption.


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