A Complete Guide To Taking Care Of Your Timber Floor Maintenance, Floor Sanding, And Polishing


Timber Floor Maintenance

To maintain timber floors, use furniture pads, remove any spills immediately, weekly vacuum the surface, and do occasional sanding and polishing.

Timber floors are getting very popular these days. Many people now have timber floors to make their house more appealing, but timber floors also require regular maintenance.

The main reason people use timber floors is that they bring out a classic wooden look. However, your classic wooden look will lose its glamour if it is not taken care of regularly. Therefore, you need to have regular maintenance if you want your timber floors to remain glossy.

Here is a list of maintenance techniques you can follow to keep your timber floors squeaky clean.

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  1. Timber Floor Sanding And Polishing

To get the best floor sanding and polishing, you can call in the professionals, but if you want to do it yourself, use a rotary sander to clean it properly. Please do not use a belt sander since it may damage the floor.

Use sandpapers of fine grades to remove the discoloring and scratches. Use an orbital sander for a final smooth finish. For the coating, you can use a water-based primer. Use a thin coat to ensure a long-lasting finish. Use two coats of high-density polyurethane.

  1. Sweep The Floor Daily

It would help if you regularly swept the floor. Throughout the day, a good deal of dust will fall on top of your floor.

If the dust settles, the color of your floor will fade. Wood is also porous. If anything spills on these floors, the floor will absorb it fast. Therefore, whenever you see the dust settling on your floor or any spilling, immediately sweep the floor. It is best to sweep the floor at least once a day.

  1. Furniture Pads Are A Must

So you absolutely have to place your heavy furniture on your recently finished floor. If there is no other way, then before placing the furniture, use furniture pads.

Place the pads on the floor and place the furniture on top of the pads. This will prevent any dents or scratches on the floor. If you see that the furniture is sliding too much, replace it and get a non-slip rubberized mat.

  1. Place A Rug At The Entrance Of The Room

Dust is a huge problem for your wooden floor. They deteriorate the floor’s color, and some larger dust particles can also put scratch marks on your floor.

To reduce the amount of dust settling on top of your floor, place a mat or a rug at your room entrance. So, before anyone enters, they can rub their shoes, socks, or feet on the mat. This will prevent any dust from the shoes or socks from settling into the floor.

  1. Use Specific Cleaners

On a general floor that has tiles or concrete, you can use almost all sorts of cleaners. But for wooden floors, you need to have wooden floor cleaners specifically. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, detergents, bleach, polishes, and abrasive cleaning soaps.

They contain a strong base that can damage the color and the natural beauty of the wooden floor.

Do not use steam mops for cleaning because they can sometimes remove the finishing off the floor.

Get Hardwood Floor Cleaner by LIBMAN or Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner by PLEDGE if you want cleaners for your timber floors.

  1. Dry Cleaning Before Using A Wet Mop

It would help if you used a wet mop for deep cleaning your timber floor every once a week. But before you use a wet mop to clean your floor, you must first dry clean your floor to remove larger dust particles.

If you do not dry clean the floor, the mop will drag the dust particles along with it. These dust particles will then act like sandpaper and put scratch marks all over the floor. So remember to clean with wet mops once a week and dry clean your floor before using a wet mop.

  1. Vacuum Once A Week

This is also a weekly activity. Vacuums can help clear dust and crumbs off the floor’s surface that is otherwise difficult to reach.

Vacuuming is a great way for dry cleaning too. Using a vacuum for dry cleaning and then using a wet mop to sweep your floor is an excellent weekly routine for cleaning your floor.

  1. Yearly Maintenance

The environment affects the wooden floor of your house. During summer, the floor retains its natural shape and size. But during dry seasons, you will see that the floor has shrunk, and there are gaps between the wooden boards. This is normal, and you do not have to worry.

However, the one thing that you do need to worry about is the floors not going back to their original size in the next summer season. In that case, you must call a flooring professional once a year to get your floor checked.

  1. Refinishing The Floor

No matter how expensive coating you have on your floor and how well the finishing was, the floor will gradually start to lose its color and glow. If you notice that the wood is looking dull, you need to apply a new coating.

Re-coating the whole floor will make it appear as good as new. Generally, it is advised to re-coat and refinish the floor once every 3-5 years.

  1. Trim The Claws Of Your Pets

Another thing that can put scratch marks on your floors is the claws of your pets. This is crucial for pet owners to trim their pets’ claws, especially pet cats’ claws. Cats often scratch whatever is near them to ease their stress. A wooden floor is a great place for them to scratch. To make sure cats or any other pets do not scratch the floor, trim their nails at least once a month.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of timber wood floors is growing fast. A new timber wood floor can increase the appeal of your house. So, just as making your house look pretty, you also need to make sure that the floor stays pretty. Following this article’s steps will help you keep the floors clean and help you retain the floors’ beauty over a long time.

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