A Comprehensive Guide To Swimming Pool Water Feature


Something is captivating about moving water. The motion is calming, soothing and thrilling. A swimming pool that has a water feature installed looks impressive.

Whether you plan to invest in a new swimming pool or already have an existing pool, installing a pool water feature will add unique features and ambience to your pool.

Swimming pool water features have a difference in their prices. There are cheaper ones that are simple and more expensive ones with breath-taking elaborate features. Whichever type you pick is bound to add some excitement to your pool.

Below is a list of the types of swimming pool water features available in the market.


Pool Waterfall

Waterfall features in your swimming pool can either be a small trickle of gushing water. Either way, waterfalls provide a relaxing feel around the pool.

Pool waterfalls are available in a variety of designs. In addition, there are pre-made designs and custom-made designs. Custom made designs are built according to your preference and specifications.

Some of the basic pre-made waterfall designs include:

  • Sheer descent
  • Sheer rain
  • Sheer curtain
  • Sheer arc
  • Rain arc

Rock Waterfalls

Rock Waterfalls

As the name suggests, this pool water feature is made of real rock. Synthetic material that looks like natural rocks is another excellent option.

Rock waterfalls can either be installed inside the swimming pool or outside the pool with a separate water source. They can be custom made according to the pool’s measurements.

Rock waterfalls work so that water trickles from the first rock down to the other stones and into the pool. For a more captivating view at night, add some light or coloured fiber optic lighting.


Fountains In Pool

Fountains are another common swimming pool water feature. They can be made from stone, marble, slate or the above stones simulants.

Pool fountains come in a variety of shapes and designs, namely:-

  • Deck jets
  • Laminar jets
  • Bubblers
  • Spillways
  • Spout


Slides are water pool features that are primarily used for entertainment purposes. Especially for a family with kids, investing in a backyard pool with slides could provide years of fun for the little ones at home or even during family gatherings.

Pre-made designs are mostly made of fibreglass, but others are made of a type of resin that holds up very well.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can be installed in two ways; either as part of the swimming pool or in an entirely different area. Hot tubs are commonly used for hydrotherapy purposes or just for relaxation. It contains small pools of warm water with an adjustable heat control system. In addition, hot tubs provide a built-in filtration process that sanitizes the water, making it unnecessary to change the water.



Jacuzzis are similar to hot tubs. There only difference is the number of water jets they contain. These jets are what produce the current and the bubbles we see.

Stacked Stone Waterfalls

Stacked Stone Waterfalls

The above is made using stones layered in thin pieces. It can be made into either a circular, square or rectangular shape. These stone walls can be used in any part of the pool. They can also be used to connect the main pool to other pool water features like Jacuzzis and hot tubs.

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