A Definitive Guide To Choosing Carpet Colours For Your Home


Carpet Colour Combinations

Choosing the right colours for your home is a big decision to make. It’s no different when it comes to picking out carpet colours. Like the other elements at home, selecting the right hue for your carpet plays a major role when you want to achieve that comfortable look in your abode. It’s important to consider some factors when deciding on a carpet: pattern, fibre, carpet style, quality, cost, and, lastly, colour.

When it comes to all these factors, colour is probably the most complicated of them all. Getting the right carpet colour can be challenging. Without knowing proper colour combinations, you might end up selecting shades that are unappealing to the eye. Moreover, a lack of colour and pattern can make your home seem monotonous, so it’s important to consider hues for your carpet that will uplift the whole mood and create a refreshing look.

If you’re having trouble deciding what will work best for you, this guide will help you to mix and match the shades you like and improve the appearance of your place.

  1. Get Some Samples

If you already have a particular colour for your carpet in mind, the next thing to do is to get samples. Collecting samples will help you figure out whether the carpet colour goes well together with the other hues present in your home.

Take your time to think before rushing to a shop, such as a Sydney carpet store, and buying a carpet right away. Request some samples and take time to check if they’ll bring balance with the colour scheme of the walls and other sections in your haven.

You can also see if the colour matches well with the various shades in your rooms. Does it complement the theme of the house? Asking yourself this kind of question will prevent you from replacing your carpet frequently and help you save time and money.

Additionally, it’ll be great to observe the sample of the carpet colour for the next few days so that you can have a sense of how it pairs well with your home in the long run.

  1. Match The Carpet Colour With Your Lifestyle

A good tip to remember is to opt for a colour that fits your lifestyle. You might think it’s not relevant, but it is. The shades you choose for your home reflect the kind of lifestyle you have. For instance, if you love being surrounded by pets and children, dark-coloured and patterned carpets are the best options for you. They can easily hide stains, and you won’t have to clean them often. For a quiet lifestyle, light hues, like grey, white, and blue, are suitable options for you.

You can also incorporate your style and personality into your carpet colour. If you’re cheerful and active, shades of red will be ideal for you. On the other hand, those who are creative will love purple.


  1. Coordinate The Carpet Colour With Your Wall Colours

Wall colours usually go with carpet colours, so make sure you consider whether your choice of shade suits your walls. For example, when your walls are designed with warm colours, it’ll be good to stick with a warm tone for your carpet, like red, orange, cream, and beige. For walls in cool hues, a great choice would be shades of blue, purple, and green.

Comparing colours with other elements in your place brings balance and harmony.

  1. Choose Neutral Hues

Keeping up with the trends is a good thing, but do bear in mind that trends come and go. It’ll be bothersome to replace your carpets now and then if you follow trends. Not to mention how costly it is. So adding carpets in neutral hues will be a brilliant idea.

Neutral colours give your home a sophisticated look. They are popular when it comes to carpet shades. They can blend with anything and can catch guests’ or buyers’ attention, especially if you’re planning to move or sell your property.

Redecorating won’t also be a problem for you since you’ll be keeping the carpet for a long time.


Colour is one of the factors in home décor. It affects the style and feel of your home and reflects your personality and lifestyle, so it helps to be careful when considering which shades for your carpet will work best.

With various tones available, picking out the ideal carpet colour for your home might seem like a difficult task. However, you can refer to this guide. The tips here will come in handy, especially when you want to do some renovation or move into a new home.

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