A Designer Guide To French Home Decor Using Area Rugs


French Home Decor Using Area Rugs

Discover the best ways to decorate your home according to French style. Whether you are looking to decorate an entire room or just one space, the French style can be an excellent idea to add a bit of class and elegance. It is often characterized by classic colors like white, black, gold, and silver. However, it is not as hard and tiresome as it seems to bring some French flair into your home. The French are known for their chic style and elegant design sensibilities, so in this article, we will explore how you can take some of these ideas and apply them at home. There is something for everyone here, from furniture pieces and area rugs that scream “French” to a few simple tricks on replicating the look with paint colors and textures!

  1. Bring Elegance And Luxury Together

French home decor is all about elegance, luxury, and historic charm. One of the best ways to achieve this look is through furniture and red rugs. It can either be classic, like Louis XVI, or something more contemporary to blend with your current decorating scheme. You don’t have to go to marts and invest in expensive antiques from France, but you can find some great replicas that will go with the interior smoothly, like the ones from target. It is all about bringing vintage charm into your home for an authentic French look.

  1. Paint Colors And Textures

Paint is an easy way to create a French feel in any room! Although it may sound simple, the paint colors and textures you use will make all the difference. The best part about painting walls with this style is that there are no rules! You can paint them in any color you like and use different textures for the walls. Bold or neutral! Choose the shade of paint that will work best in your space.

  1. Wallpapers

It is very easy to achieve a French look with wallpapers! You can find them all over online or even check out your local hardware store. With this style, it’s best to make sure that the wallpaper covers every inch of space on the wall so that you can create the illusion of a wallpapered room. Also, cover the halls and corridor walls too with wallpapers. Another great area to give the walls a touch-up is the staircase. Besides wallpapers and paint, cover the front wall with tribal pattern artistic pieces of area rugs for unique wall art.

  1. Upholstery And Fabrics

Just like the furniture you’re using for a French living room or bedroom look, you need to find fabrics that reflect an authentic style. What is most important here are textures! You can mix up different materials or patterns. French decor is a combination of luxury, elegance, and comfort. A piece of luxurious silk fabric is paired with bold and luxurious velvet. Pick up the colors used in your prints, curtains, furniture, or flooring to tie everything together. You can also use these colors for pillows on sofas or chairs, as well as throw rugs. Make sure you don’t go insane with texture and color. If you love the idea of a mix-and-match French living room, make sure that you don’t overwhelm your interior with too many patterns or colors in one area!

  1. Rugs And Runners

French homes are often characterized by the use of area rugs and runners–especially silk ones. Consider placing these on your living room floor or in front of a fireplace to add elegance, warmth, and texture! Investing in Persian or oriental-style hallway rugs is the best way to get a true-to-style look. Also, cover the hallway floors with rugs to make sure guests are comfortable as they walk in.

  1. Curtains And Drapes

French homes often have curtains on the windows or drapes hanging from a rod, anything from metal to wood. This is an important aspect when decorating! Bring attention (and light) into your home with drapes or curtains–although, be careful to avoid too many patterns or colors in one area.

  1. Mirrors And Artwork

White walls with a few paintings typically characterize French architecture hung here and there on the wall. This trend can be easily translated into decorating your home! Hang mirrors as art pieces throughout the house for an instant facelift! The windowsills are also a great spot for an artful touch.

  1. Kitchen Design

There is no better place to start than the kitchen when designing your home with French style in mind. Unlike other countries, France does not have the culture of cooking outside on their backyards or patios. So it’s best to keep this in your mind as you design your kitchen. Moreover, positioning an island in the center of a French-style kitchen is key for many reasons: it allows easy access to food prep and cooking and creates space for lots of dining areas around it! In addition, this positioning can make entertaining very comfortable and fun because guests will not have to sit across from each other. The other element that is important in a French kitchen is the sink. It should be positioned on one side of the island for easy access to clean dishes and pots, while an oven or stove will usually occupy the other area. When it comes to materials, white gloss cabinetry with gold hardware fits right into this design style. However, you can choose to use more traditional materials to bring a touch of authenticity. Also, their kitchen design is incomplete without rugs and mats. Make sure you place runner-type area rugs or mats for a vibrant and exquisite touch to the heart of your home.

  1. French Lighting

Lighting is a major aspect of the home interior. Lighting is often used as an accent piece for French-inspired homes. Put up large chandeliers that provide adequate lighting throughout all areas of the house. There are many different light fixtures that you can choose from, which should have a vintage feel. For instance, hanging pendant lights would be perfect for an elegant Parisian salon, while crystal chandeliers provide the necessary elegant informal spaces like dining rooms or drawing rooms.

  1. Make It Look Natural; The Very French

French homes are often warm, inviting spaces. This is achieved by using plenty of natural fibers and materials in the decorating process and on the floors. For instance, you can use white linen on tables or blue-striped cotton sheeting as a bedspread and a neutral or earthy tone rug on the floor for an added touch of refinement to your bedroom. Also, the decor should be minimal or lack any busy designs, which can take away from the elegant look, instead of using a traditional bedspread with complicated patterns and colors that are not in line with French decorating principles. Instead, you could consider white silk draped over your mattress for a chic appearance or lay down some fresh flowers at your bedside table to create the desired ambiance and style.

On A Final Note

French style is characterized by an elegant, casual and comfortable look. All of these factors can be incorporated into your home design to achieve a French-style atmosphere without having to relocate! The French are known for their love of fashion and design. Their homes tend to reflect the same aesthetic with a modern twist. This is because they like things that look good but also work well in everyday living. To create your French-inspired home decorating style, you need to follow these simple guidelines: use bokhara rugs (order from RugKnots; an online rug business), incorporate mirrors into your space, make sure there’s plenty of lighting, update the kitchen design or at least add something new such as an island bench or bar stool seating; when furnishing try textured fabrics and upholstery materials instead of just picking neutral colors; choose wallpaper designs that have subtle patterns rather than bright ones; paint walls in light neutrals, so it doesn’t feel too dark inside. You’ll find plenty of inspiration here that will help you create a space at home that feels like it’s straight out of Paris.

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