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Modern look interior designs include use of maintenance free sleek materials usually like glass, tempered glass for safety and strength and to prevent sound pollution also custom glass for prevention of heat. For decorative purpose use printed and lacquered glass along with combination of plain glass with printed and frosted films. Stainless steel exterior tiles, mirrored glass, corian are also materials with more dominant presence in modern day interiors. Corian especially for its ability to be sculpted molded and engraved for designing and creative purpose.


Tips for Interior design

First and foremost a list of your needs is a must. After allocating proper place for each need comes the list of wishes. Often smart minds decorate the furniture or utilities of needs with decorative facades of their wishes and desires. For example, the front of storage for bed sheets / blankets can also be a backrest or back wall of glass tiles or exterior tiles pasted on wood or beautiful wallpapers on wood to act as the back wall of a bed with hidden storage.

Next according to your taste, go for the color combination and choice of materials for the same. Appropriate ventilation and access to necessities is a must, preferably windows facing east are a good idea for saving power with sufficient day lighting and gaining good ventilation.


Furniture layout

Often the diciest choice can be solved with a very simple approach, Furniture layout should be done with basic comfort and logic being kept in mind. A little bit of common sense serves a long purpose. For example, in narrow passageways laying of side table or furniture isn’t suggested as it acts as hindrance. Proper access and passage ways for all rooms must first be kept in mind and furniture laid accordingly. Tables should be besides sitting or in the center for the purpose of easy access to put mugs and magazines.


The TV unit should be placed for easy viewing and at eye level of all sitting. In a bedroom the walking cupboard in the walk in closet should be near the bathroom to avoid spillage of water and comfortable change of clothes. The bedside tables for glasses mobiles, cups and books are hence besides beds. The TV should be placed on a dead wall to prevent glare from windows. East facing windows on the front of the bed or on a side for natural light is preferred and sitting too is provided besides near these windows. 18 inches of space for easy walking and movement is suggested besides the sitting.

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Though granite doesn’t provide such problems but is often very slippery and expensive, hence not preferred for the flooring. Italian marble though exotic again are often not that hard and break easily though they look beautiful and lend a rich feel to the interiors.


Tiles are now the preferred options of lots of people for their variety of sizes and stone sized slabs of 4×2 and digital prints also, they are easily repairable don’t absorb stains and are quick and less expensive to lay or repair. The only drawback is that they are not as study and long lasting as stones. Wooden flooring is also an option and if done well and of good quality give a lavish and personal cozy feel to a room but needs high standard of maintenance and needs to be cared for exposure to excess water.


Color theme – Can be set as per Vastu or personal preference. Red is the color of passion fieriness and heat. It also represents energy best suited for living room or judicious use in bedrooms. White is often the preferred choice for master bedrooms waiting lounges or living rooms for their peaceful serenity. Blue is often the color of choice for a boy’s room as if baby pink for a baby girl’s room. Both of which are softer hues with a calming effect. Pastel colors such as grey, white, fawn are often used for an elegant look of stately feel with an impersonal impressive touch.


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