A Dog Owner’s Guide to Cleaning Carpets

On March 27, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

A carpet is essential in your home to keep your family and pets safe and comfortable. Not only does it hold a layer of warmth making your floors comfortable, it also has noise cancelling properties. Despite these benefits, carpets do have a highly absorbent feature and will attract the dirt that your pet brings to the house. If you are a dog owner, you know how your canine friends can bring along dirt, dust, and fur to your upholstery. Our dogs are naughty creatures and love making messes, from dropping their delicious wet dog food on the carpet to causing “accidents” that require immediate cleanup.

Dogs are very active and will run in and out of the house anytime. Sometimes they will come with a lot of dirt on their paws and you can guess where all that will end up. There’s actually no way you can prevent the dog from dirtying your carpet. So how can a dog owner keep a carpets clean throughout?

Use Special Solutions to Eliminate Dog Urine

Disinfecting Carpets
Dogs normally like to urinate in places in order to mark their territory. They have a strong sense of smell so the next time they come in, they will be able to identify their territory by picking up the smell of their urine. Dog urine has a stench that just won’t go away easy if you use normal detergents to clean your carpets. You have to find special solutions and sub-surface tools that can eliminate this odor from your carpets. You might want to call a professional if you have no idea of the right detergent to buy.

Vacuum Routinely

Dog Sleeping On Rug
Your lovely canines can’t help it when it comes to shedding fur on your carpets. Their playful nature will only make your rugs even more littered with fur. Cleaning it once in a week will not only leave it with lots of fur for the rest of the week but can also make it a conducive environment for growth of pests and bacteria. Vacuuming on a regular basis is the most effective way of mitigating the disasters that dogs can bring to your beautiful carpets.

Clean Your Dogs Regularly

Clean Your Dogs Regularly
Cleaning your carpets and leaving your dog dirty is only doing half of the job perfectly. It won’t be long before the dog makes your carpeting a territory or playing field. To avoid such a situation, wipe your dog’s paws whenever it enters the house. You will cut down the amount of soil, dirt, and dust that dogs bring with them to the house from outside. Bathing the dog regular will also reduce the amount of fur it sheds. Make sure to clean it with a good shampoo to reduce the amount of body oils on its skin. This way it won’t leave behind body oils and odors wherever it lies.

There are many other ways that you can implement to reduce the amount of dirt that your dog can bring to your beautiful and comfortable carpet. You have to go through this trouble to get your carpets clean and your home habitable. With routine vacuuming and hot water extraction cleaning, you will not only eliminate dirt from the carpeting but make it fresh and vibrant.

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