A Few Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For A Modern Home


To renovate your kitchen, you need to install some kitchen cabinets. If you have a small space in your kitchen, then you can choose some wall mounted cabinets. Ideally, kitchen cabinet styles fall into a few major categories, and you can browse design ideas to get kitchen cabinet pictures on the internet.

One of the ideas will sure to fit in your choice, taste, style, need, and budget. Apart from that, you have two options for renovating your kitchen and choose the kitchen cabinets. Either you need to select the readymade one, or you need to hire the cabinet makers to customize your cabinets. Hiring cabinet makers is a better option because they can customize your kitchen cabinets according to your needs, and they can save your floor space too.

Storage and Display

Kitchen Cabinet Design

A Kitchen Cabinet serves a dual purpose. One is the best element for storage and to keep cluttered items hidden from view, and the other is it is a beautiful item for display. Just make sure the design you want to reflect. Once you finally decide on the design, you should focus on the scope of the kitchen cabinet.

  • You also need to check the available space to work in the kitchen comfortably, not only during cooking but also consider cleaning, sweeping, and other needs. So always try to include some wall mounted cabinets to save your floor space.
  • Your overall budget for the cabinet will also play a significant role in determining the final product. In this case, you can ask for quotes from different cabinetmakers and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.
  • Storage capacity is the main thing for selecting the kitchen cabinets, and you need to check their durability too. To increase their storage capacity, you can include some drawers, shelves, and open space cabinets in your kitchen.

Modern Classic Look

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

There are a few Kitchen Cabinet design ideas that will be perfect for reflecting a modern and classic look. These are:

  • Color Kitchen Cabinets – These are best for a contemporary kitchen that will add aesthetic appeal to space and will also have the inherent benefits of repainting it, without having to replace it. To make a big statement, choose colors like grey, blue, white, and taupe. It can save your cost, and you can easily refurbish your old cabinets.
  • Textured Kitchen Cabinets – Consider exotic woods with striped grain to add texture and visual interest to the cabinets.
  • High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets – These will not only add gloss but is easy to clean. The reflective surface will brighten the kitchen.
  • Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets – These are creative cabinet choices, and you can choose from High and low two-tone effect for a fresh and lasting look or an actual two-tone for a more contemporary look.
  • Rustic Modern Kitchen Cabinets – These are a unique design to make your kitchen warm and inviting with proper arrangements of the latest appliances.
  • Whitewashed Wood Kitchen Cabinets – These will lighten the color of the wood grain to enhance the look to the wood cabinets.
  • Floating Kitchen Cabinets – These are extremely functional and ergonomic, especially beneficial for people with back problems.
  • Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets – These are the best way to go green and yet have a solid kitchen cabinet that will look as good as new for many years.

Most people think modern Kitchen Cabinet means something sleek in black or white. On the contrary, color can be modern as well. Cherry red lacquer, laminate, bright cobalt blue, teal, and other colors can be as effective as making a huge style statement. Just make sure that you choose the color you love as you will live with it every day.

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