A Guide On How To Protect The Exterior Of Your Building


Whether you own a house, restaurant, office block, or apartment buildings, you must know how to protect the exterior of your property. Any damage caused to the exterior of a building can decrease its value. The outside aesthetics of a building is also essential to a business because the appearance of a structure will affect how customers view your professionalism. A business thrives on an excellent reputation, so if your building looks dilapidated, you may lose customers simply because of its lack of aesthetics.

In today’s article, we’re giving you an extensive guide on how to protect the exterior of your building with effective add-ons such as electric outdoor blinds, awnings, and more.

Add Electric Outdoor Blinds To Patios

Electric Outdoor Blinds To Patios

Some restaurants have outdoor seating arrangements on a patio where people can enjoy the sunlight while they wait for food and beverages. However, when the weather starts to turn, outdoor furniture and structures can get damaged from rain, snow, dust & hail.

To protect your patio from the elements, install outdoor electric blinds to cover the area. The automated blinds can roll down with a press of a button when it starts to rain or hail. It’s a quick solution when you’re not fast enough to move furniture or your customers back inside the restaurant.

Now, to keep the aesthetics of your building, electronic blinds come in various designs and colors. Tan and black are the most popular, but you can also buy see-through outdoor blinds.

Electric outdoor blinds are typically more durable than manual coverings because they’re made from thicker fabrics. So these exterior blinds will last many years.

Here are some benefits to outdoor blinds:

  • They retain heat when it’s cold and keep a place cool in warmer temperatures
  • Outdoor blinds are easy to install
  • Increases privacy on busy streets
  • Converts any space into a temporary entertainment area

Awnings Protect Windows From The Elements

Awnings Protect Windows

Next up, awnings are popular forms of coverage that restaurants and office blocks use to protect windows. However, they can also be added to homes.

This form of window coverage comes in many sizes and designs for various requirements. Smaller awnings are for windows, and doorways & more prominent coverings are designed for carports or patios.

Awnings can either be made from fabric or steel. The fabric awnings are the most popular because they are not permanent fixtures. You can change the color and design of awnings made from fabric easily. Steel awnings are permanent fixtures on a building, so they can’t be changed.

Steel awnings require minimal maintenance because they’re made out of robust steel that won’t corrode over time. Fabric awnings may need to be changed once every few years because they will start to tear when they get old.

Use Sealants On Wooden Outdoor Structures

Wooden Outdoor Structures

Popular outdoor wooden structures include pergolas, decks, and tool sheds. Wooden structures are the most difficult to maintain. Here are common problems with wooden outdoor structures:

  • Wood can crack in dry regions
  • Structures made from wood attract bugs
  • Too much moisture can cause the wood to swell and rot
  • Wood can tarnish over time

To prevent the wood from getting damaged, moisturize the surface of the wood with oils such as linseed. Afterward, you can stain the wood to enhance the color of the material and then cover it with a high-quality sealant. A sealant is used to protect the wood from the elements and termite infestations.

Cover Swimming Pools And Fire Pits

Harsh sunlight, hail, and snow can damage outdoor features such as fire pits & swimming pool decks. It’s advised that you opt for durable covers that you can place over these structures when they’re not in use.

Add Durable Coverings For Outdoor Lighting

Durable Coverings For Outdoor Lighting

Outside light coverings must be made with durable PVC plastic. It’s not advised that you use glass coverings because they can shatter easily if they get hit by stones or hail. Plastic can withstand any weather conditions, and it won’t melt, crack, or tarnish over time.

Seal Cracks And Holes In The Ground

Cracks and holes in walls and floors can attract unwanted pests & it can cause further damage to the exterior of your building. You must use a hard-wearing filler to seal any cracks or holes on the outside of your property to prevent pest infestations and permanent damage to walls & floorings.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult maintaining a property. However, if you purchase the correct protection for your building, it can decrease the need to maintain it regularly, which can be extremely cost-efficient for you. And don’t concentrate on the inside of your building because the exterior is also valuable.

We hope this guide helped you with ways you can protect your building from damage. Let us know in the comments below what products and methods you use to prevent damage to your property. We are always happy to hear from our readers.

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